Saturday, May 13, 2006

WANADOO - No 'emotional connection'

Latest report from my local library!!!!

As the days have passed I keep telling myself I am learning through this enforced absence from the Internet.

I am definitely going to find time to write an article about the experience we have had including the following:

  • The appalling ‘customer service’ from the Wanadoo ‘customer service’ department
  • The failure to deliver by Wanadoo staff on promised ‘phone back’ calls
  • The abysmal ‘care’ shown by Wanadoo technical department and the ‘feeling’ of being dealt with by a checklist operated by people acting as robots who are unable to show even the slightest initiative
  • I would love the Chief Executive of Wanadoo to have experienced the service we have experienced in the last three weeks and ask him or her self “Am I happy with that?”

I have come to the conclusion there just is no emotional connection between Wanadoo staff and their customer. Not one person in Wanadoo that I have spoken to in the last 20 days has made me feel like a valued customer.

I think if I was in charge of Wanadoo I would be ashamed of the service offered. Frankly however I don’t think they even care!

There is something in this expression ‘emotional connection’ that I want to explore more.

Watch this space ..More to follow ….


Dan Ward said...

I think that company should be terrified that a customer (former customer?) might spread the word about the appaling service and lack of care...

It used to be that a company could blow off a customer with little impact... but in a wired, blogging world, one never knows which mistreated customer might have a global voice and the will to spread the word far & wide about the company that doesn't care...

Just one more reason to pursue excellence, because the alternative is death...

Trevor Gay said...

Very astute comment Dan - and very true. Thank you