Saturday, May 20, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel .... and 'we told you so'

Latest update on IT problems:

We should be back to normal by Thursday of next week having switched to a new provider BT Internet and finally saying goodbye with absolutely no regrets and indeed a bitter feeling toward Wanadoo.

Ironically we have now discovered our next-door neighbours (also Wanadoo customers) have had precisely the same problem since precisely the same time as us and also a few other local people who are Wanadoo have had the same problem since the same date which is 24 April 2006.

Wanadoo have given our neighbours the identical pathetic excuses and denials they gave us for the last four weeks. Wanadoo keep on insisting there is a problem with lines and wireless routers and in fact anything that is not to do with Wanadoo! WE NOW KNOW BETTER!

One thing you will have noticed is that I have been unable to post pictures for the last three weeks - this is not allowed for some reason from my local library pc’s but from next Thursday I hope to be able to brighten up Simplicity Blog with pictures again.

Have a lovely weekend!


Steve Sherlock said...

Trevor, clearly the company does not get it... I applaud you for your patience through this time and look forward to your pictures

Dmitry Linkov said...

Agree with Steve. Your patience is really great. Good luck, hope you will solve these problems as fast as possible!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Steve and Dmitry.

Patience is something one learns in life I guess.

When I heard from one of my Christian friends that 20,000 people - mainly children - die every day, mainly due to extreme poverty it makes my IT problems disappear into insignificance in the grand scale.

We are nevertheless frustrated and we cannot wait to be back online next Wednesday 31st May when we have a guarantee that our service will be connected by our new provider BT Internet. That will be a total of almost six weeks without an Internet connection at home.

This experience and others in the last year or so have an upside because I have an article ‘in my head.’ It may even be a book - about customer care. Or to be more precise - the total lack of customer ‘care.’

I have a title for the article/book – so watch this space I will update folks through my Simplicity Blog.

To be frank I am appalled at the state of customer care in some organisations and I intend to name companies in my article/book.

I will illustrate what I consider to be good practice in customer care as well so there will be balance, but my overwhelming emphasis is going to be on how customers leave a company due to pathetic customer care.

Needless to say WANADOO are top of my list for pathetic customer care!