Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Almost there!!!

Well, here we are at last …. Wednesday, and we have received, as promised, the hardware we need from BT Internet to re-connect to the Internet. We now just have to wait till 8pm today before trying to connect.

Fingers crossed and God willing we will be up and running fully once more tomorrow, Thursday, and we are excited about being back in touch properly with all our friends and business contacts round the globe after 37 days without our home Internet connection thanks to WANADOO.

No more trips to the library although I must say the ‘customer care’ we have received from the 3 libraries in the town we have had to visit almost every day for the last five weeks and two days has been good.

Libraries are a great place in the local community and I have to say that in the past I have ‘under-used’ and certainly ‘under-appreciated’ what an excellent service libraries offer to the local community.

I intend to compile an e-mail to the local authority Chief Executive complimenting the staff of all 3 libraries. The staff at one of the 3 libraries are particularly excellent and the service from all three is well above average compared with many of my recent customer care experiences in the commercial world. Once more I ask myself ‘Who says public services cannot deliver exceptional customer service just like the private sector?’

I have the article in my head that will be my reflections of the last 37 days. I intend to write something in the next couple of weeks with this title


Watch this space ….


Dan said...

In contrast to the excellent customer care you've received, I recently stopped in at a gas station for a fill-up and a cup of coffee.

The coffee was cold.

I pointed it out to the gentleman behind the counter, and he pointed towards a microwave, saying I could "warm it up there."

No apology, no offer to brew a fresh pot. No indication of caring. And, it was pretty bad coffee...


Trevor Gay said...

Sad but true Dan that some just don't seem to appreciate the customer is the reason they are in a job at all :-(

I have never understood it and probably never will.....

Hsien Lei said...

I hope BT works out for you! I have been without broadband for more than 2 months and I have no idea if Wanadoo is doing anything to reinstate my service. I've also been documenting my experience on my blog and am determined to cancel on Monday if nothing is done. *sigh*

While I agree that having internet access in the library is wonderful, it is still nothing like working on your own computer in the comfort of your own home.

Trevor Gay said...


Great to hear from you and sorry to hear your problems. I have just got re-connected through BT Internet and it feels great to be back online. We have dumped Wanadoo.

I am writing an article about my experience and will let you have a copy if you want

Keep it simple - great to make contact and good luck with your IT problems. And remember 'this too will pass' :-)

Hsien Lei said...

Thanks, Trevor. I was finally allowed to cancel just now and will wait 10 days for my line to clear. Then I'm planning to sign up for BT if you've had good service in the interim. ;) So I'm definitely waiting on you and your article (!!

I'll definitely be back to visit your blog. You seem like a wonderful person with some great insights.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi again Hsien

BT have been excellent so far keeping us in the picture every step of the way with our new connection.

I have drafted my ideas for the article and I will try to write it in the next week or so given that I am very busy catching up just now!

Thanks for your kind comments - Keep in touch and let me know how you get on with BT