Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Women and Leadership

I am a member of a 'virtual team' called The Blog Synergy

The other team members are:

Steve Sherlock
Felix Gerena
Rosa Say
Troy Worman
Rocky Noe
Phil Gerbyshak

The topic for discussion on Blog Synergy for March was 'What makes great leadership.'

There were many responses that are summarised here and here

One of the interesting things that emerged is the few responses from female Bloggers.

The April task for each Blog Synergy team member is to highlight this on our own Blog and invite readers to make comments on The Blog Synergy

I hope the females who visit Simplicity Blog will take time out to make a comment.

I have my own views of course .... but as a mere male I would not be so presumptuous to comment.

1 comment:

Rocky said...

It certainly would be nice to have more of a female influence. Rosa has proven to be a very skilled leader, it would be nice to have more female voices such as hers.