Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum

A bit of self indulgence today.

Annie and I went to visit my Mum yesterday on her 77th birthday. Thank you Annie for suggesting it. x

This is the first time I have been with Mum on her birthday for a long time for various reasons and the fact I lived 300 miles away from her for most of the the last 23 years.

Just a small tip for younger people … don't make the same mistake as me ....try to get to see your Mum on her birthday every year ….

MOST IMPORTANT! - Make sure you have someone like Annie who reminds you and recognises how important these things are.

We owe our Mums big time and sadly there are fewer birthdays left with each passing year.


Mike said...

Nice. My mom turned 77 this last month, also.

I think if you were a good son you would have put a drink in that glass in her hand instead of a plant, though!

Trevor Gay said...

By this time she already had three Gin and Tonics Mike :-)

Rocky said...

You have to get all you can with the time you have. I lost my mom 7 years ago. I cannot tell you how precious time is. When they are gone you cannot just pick up the phone or drop by. You are blessed to have your mom and Annie to get you there to see her.

Felix Gerena said...

Nice post Trevor. The influence our Moms lives is so big and sometimes you just tell it in critical moments.

Annie said...

Hi Guys! There's an unusual pic of Trevor taken on his mum's birthday. Check out the Simplicity Gallery,