Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blogging is a Relationship

Some gentle musings on a dull and overcast April Wednesday…..

When oh when is our spring going to start? Oh for some sunshine...

According to Katie Melua – ‘There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing’ but I am told there are more than 70 million Blogs in the world.

I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about Blogs.

It seems to me essentially that Blogging is a 'relationship.' I read about 6 or 7 Blogs every day and another 3 or 4 Blogs occasionally when I have some time. I have developed this ‘Trevor list’ over time through developing a 'relationship' with either the 'content' of the Blog or the founder.

It feels to me like any other transaction. I am after all a ‘customer’ and I am looking for something to inspire or educate me - something to 'buy' I guess.

I am pretty sure that among the 70 million Blogs that I do not visit there will be rich information that I am missing out on. The point is however; how many wonderful meals do I need in one day?

I am a pragmatist and I like to have achievable and manageable bite sized chunks of work to do. The amount of information circulating in the Blogosphere is awesome and I am fascinated about how we all end up reading certain Blogs. I guess it is no different than finding a newspaper that you feel a certain affinity with and sticking to that. There is of course the danger in always sticking to a limited range of reading that one’s vision becomes too restricted. Apparently there are another 70 million Blogs to check out! – Wow! – I best get started!

Then my mind wanders to the meeting I was at this morning where I presented my Simplicity talk to a group of 15 fairly senior managers in the 'Not for Profit' sector. I asked how many of them knew about Blogs and no hands went up. An interesting thought.... are they missing out? .... Or.... Are we Bloggers making lots of assumptions that Blogging is really creating change in the way we communicate.

My own view is that Blogging is terrific and is an aid to communncation but it will never replace real talk face to face - that is the real way to talk to people. Using Blogs as your only way to communicate in business is putting the cart before the horse and will not work in the medium to long term.

Mmmm...... that's enough profound thinking today..... I must have a lie down and take my pills!

This evening Annie and I are going to see The Eagles Tribute Band 'Talon' - looking forward to that - The Eagles are my all time favourite band.

Don Henley singing 'The Last Resort' - pure magic!


Mike said...

Trevor, what if you physically met 70 million people? Would you find more than a handful interesting to listen to? I think it's the same for blogs.

Just make sure you continue to read my blog. I'm trying to teach you something, after all...;-)

Trevor Gay said...

and of course I do learn from your Blog Mike :-)