Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Charitable Giving

A few more thoughts about the Blogidarity Project I mentioned a few days ago.

When listening to recent talks I have heard the following words:

‘20000 people - mainly children - will die today primarily due to extreme poverty.’

‘When I feed the poor I’m called a Saint. When I ask why are the poor hungry? I am called a communist.’

‘Wealthy people who have not learned the art of ‘radical giving’ find their money a burden.’

Then I think about Annie and I jogging the other day as part of our fitness training and we passed a garage forecourt where new cars are on sale for £29000 (approx. $52000) each. It made me think about priorities.

I am not saying that people should not have wealth; In fact there is a great need for people to have wealth so that they can do good for those in society who need help.

I am not saying either that people can give to all the charities we are asked to support nowadays. In fact I think it is a good idea to focus charitable giving in those causes that are closest to your heart and those where you believe the most impact will be made.

The Blogidarity project is about helping fellow human beings who need our help desperately – and according to my calculations, in the ten minutes it has taken me to type and present this comment, another 14 people have died mainly due to extreme poverty. Enough said I think.

I hope regular Simplicity Blog readers will think about visiting Blogidarity

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Steve Sherlock said...

Well said, Trevor!