Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Your next station is .. or words to that effect!!

I know I should really get out more when minor things get me irritated.

One such thing is having an announcer on a train who speaks in a muffled voice and very quickly so that - despite having perfect hearing - I cannot understand a word.

Two questions:

Am I the only one who notices these things?
Is there a language that I did not learn at school but everyone else knows?

We have surely reached a point when it is not beyond the wit of man (or woman) to simply have someone from the train staff team to listen to the announcer and tell that person - in the kindest way possible - that they cannot be understood! This is not rocket science.

It just seems absolutely pointless having a passenger announcement service on a train that the passengers can’t hear or understand. Maybe I am missing something.

Simple really – so why can it not be sorted out?


shinsato said...

The New York subways when I was growing up became legendary about not being able to understand the announcements. I was actually surprised last year how most of the annoucements were comprehensible. There were a few factors involved, loud subways, old cars and speakers, but the biggest - people didn't care. Perhaps that's something that has changed in NYC since I rode the subways to highschool every day 1976-1980.

Rocky said...

That puts kme in the mind of a fast food drive thru in the States. All you can hear is Mmmmmmmmmhmmmph and then Would you like fries with that.