Wednesday, December 21, 2005

There's only one Man United!!

Last night (Tuesday) I had the great pleasure to watch my beloved Manchester United play for the first time in over 10 years. United played Birmingham City and won 3-1 in the quarter final of the Carling Cup competition.

A Report of the match can be seen at this link;

The last time I saw United live was at Wembley Stadium in the early 1990's and they lost that League Cup Final to Sheffield Wednesday 1-0.

Last night was wonderful. It was freezing but Annie and I had both wrapped up well with many layers of clothes and even a hot water bottle. The coffee from the flask at half time was very welcome and I resisted the temptation to buy a burger.

We sat among the Birmingham City fans and therefore I had to control my great desire to stand up and scream with joy as United scored three goals in the first 20 minutes of the second half.

There were 20,500 fans watching and it was fabulous to see United select many of their younger players - less well known maybe than some of the big stars but youngsters are always hungry for success.

The United travelling fans were tremendous and recited songs about George Best and Eric Cantona - two great heroes of Manchester United's past. The fans were good humoured and it made for a cracking atmosphere which seemed to be enjoyed by both sets of fans. All in all a great testimony to English football.

Some media people and supposed experts are writing off Sir Alex Ferguson the United Manager because the team have struggled earlier this season. I think Sir Alex is successfully building a new team and the youngsters who played last night were skilful, professional, hungry, competitive and they played some lovely one touch football.

I say never under-estimate Sir Alex.

Thank you Annie for coming to the match with me – that made it even more special.


Rocky said...

Sounds like a great time. I would really enjoy seeing a Man.U. match someday. it is one of those must do things in life. Do they have a such a thing as Hillbilly Hooligans?

Trevor Gay said...

English hooligans are already 'experts' Rocky.

Sadly the English soccer fans have a poor reputation overseas for their behaviour. It is always the few absolute lunatics who spoil it for the 99% of fans who behave perfectly well.

Felix Gerena said...

You should have lived an incredible experience, Trevor. I like the atmosphere at the football fields. I hope Man United completes a good season. Supporting a team should be a reason for good feelings and that is the sense of every sport, I think. Did you wear a scarf of your team, Trevor?

Annie said...

Hi Rocky and Felix!

Trevor couldn't wear his team scarf because we were sitting amongst the Birmingham City fans! If the fans around us knew that Trevor supported the enemy, Manchester United, they would not have been too impressed.

Unlike Trev, I am a Birmingham City supporter so Trevor and I don't agree on EVERYTHING :-)

Wishing you both a joyful and peaceful Christmas xx

Trevor Gay said...

Seeing Manchester United 'live' after more than ten years was good enough - the scarf was not a problem - the joy was also in the result of the match Felix!

And as I have said to Annie ...after United I now support Birmingham as my second team of course ....