Monday, December 19, 2005

How old!!!?????

Dr Alan Merson is 83 years old and he is still working as a GP (Family Doctor) after 57 years at the same practice.

In these days when we are led to believe the retirement age may be raised to 67 this story creates a refreshing view of the older person. Older people are often portrayed as helpless and in need of support. Dr Merson is doing his bit to dispel the myth that as we get older it is time to slow down; curl up; and prepare for our final farewell!

Good on you Dr Merson - I hope you will go on for a few more years yet.

Using him as a role model I have another 30 years of work to look forward to and that should be enough time to finish the six books I have started reading in the last month or two!


Steve Sherlock said...

Maybe you should look at a speed reading course :-)

Hurrah for the elders! They shall be good leaders!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Steve

My academic supervisor and life guru is Professor George Giarchi in Plymouth University. I will be forever his student.

George is now 75 years old going on 18. He has more energy than most 20 year olds. He is passionate about his work and still works hard lecturing and traveling all around Europe talking about older people. I asked George what he would do when his current three year contract with the University comes to an end when he is 77 years old and George said he will expect another three year contract.

Talent never grows old.

Felix Gerena said...

I know a similar case Trevor. The father of a friend of mine is a nutritionist and despite he is 92 he´s just published a new book. He has also been honored by the WHO (World Health Organization) several times for his work to erradicate hunger in South America. I heard him talk on the radio a couple of weeks ago and he was absolutely in form.

Trevor Gay said...

That is another great example Felix thank you. He sounds like a fascinating character.

I found this quote that I think sums it up quite well.

'I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am' - Francis Bacon