Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Keep Fit Granny

Sorry not to have posted anything for a few days on my Simplicity Blog.

Christmas beckons and like everyone else our life has been busy.

Annie and I have been on some retail therpay trips and the plastic is taking a pounding.

I will be 'up and running again' in a day or so but in the meantime enjoy this little light relief....

It's important to keep fit as you get older; my granny started walking 5 kilometres a day when she was 60. Today she's 97 and we don't know where the hell she is!


Sriram said...

I remember a famous quote by the great Abraham Lincoln that goes like this..."I walk slowly BUT I never walk backward". This has truly inspired me day-in and day-out and I believe you will appreciate the sense of urgency portrayed subtly by Mr.Lincoln and his unmatched +ive attitide. Hats Off!

Also, another favorite of mine is by George Trevelyan - "I have two doctors--my left leg and my right leg."

Keep Fit & Stay Healthy!

Mike Gardner said...

Reminds me of a saying I learned back in my middle school days.

"Get down off the stove Grandma, you're too old to ride the range!"

You probably have to be American to get the reference, but oh well.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Sriram and Mike

Hope you are both ready for Christmas and have bought all your presents!!

For my present I will have the same as last year but a different colour please :-)