Friday, December 30, 2005

Two New Links

I am pleased to promote two new links.

Car Hunt is a new small business here in the West Midlands. You can visit the Web site at this link

‘Great Leaders’ - is a new Blog started by my friend Brian Ward in Edmonton, Canada. – see link

Please visit both and tell your friends.

Both the people involved in setting up these sites are trying to make a real difference though their own hard work. I hope you can help them by spreading the word.

I have added both sites to my ‘Links’ on the right hand side of Simplicity Blog


Marianne Powers said...

Hi Trevor. I went over to Brian's blog but I can't find his feed. You taught him how to create a feed, didn't you?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Marianne - Brian is more educated with technology than me so I am sure he will do the right thing - I will forward this comment to Brian and he may contact you.

Brian said...

Under links, click on ATOM Site Feed (it's a text link...will update the site to include icons and all that stuff shortly)