Friday, November 25, 2005

A sad day

It is 9.35 am Friday here in England

Today is very sad for me as my greatest football hero George Best is about to die - the doctors have said it is only hours now.

George is fighting but there is no hope according to his doctors.

It is wonderful that God will welcome 'home' another of his sons in George Best ...
but on earth all true football fans will have a tear in their eye and sadness in their heart today.

George's early and tragic demise has been brought about by many years of drinking so perhaps the greatest irony is that George Best is slipping away on the first day of extended drinking hours in England.


Steve Sherlock said...

Trevor, a sad thing can be turned to the positive. Let's review the good that George brought to the great game. Let's inspire the youngsters to be play like George (not necessarily drink like him). In such manner, the world will remember George for the goodness of his play on the field, and who knows, maybe there will be another like him someday!

What did George bring to the pitch that the youngsters should copy?

I'll admit to knowing of his name but not having seen him (that I know of). Soccer awareness in the US has grown in my life time but compared to the rest of the world, Europe in particular, our awareness pales.

Trevor Gay said...

I agree Steve - there is much to celebrate about his life and there are many positives. He was a genius on the football field. He did things with the ball that seemed impossible. He was a classic ‘individual’ but also a great team member for Manchester United. There will never be another George Best – he was unique. As regards inspiring today’s youngsters they simply have to watch the video action that we are lucky enough to have of the great man playing football.

George agreed last weekend to allow a national newspaper to publish pictures of him on his death bed with all sorts of pipes leading out from his body. He wanted this to be a warning to people about the dangers of drinking so yes he is still an inspiration to people struggling with alcohol abuse.