Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Latest Simplicity Mantra

I have often said there is no such thing as an overnight success. I believe success comes from years of hard work.

So I have been thinking ....and my latest Simplicity mantra is;
  • Have faith in your own ability;
  • Have humility;
  • Have hope;
  • Never boast;
  • Allow time;
  • Never give up;
  • Always do your homework.

Do these things and you can honestly say you did your best.


Rocky said...

Your life story has been a true testimonial to this theory. You should write your own biography some day. It is full of wisdom and patterns for success even if it only took 35 years (plus4) to become the overnight success.

Sriram said...

Excellent Trevor! That was short, sweet & SIMPLE (ofcourse!). I truly believe "You learn from your failures and others learn from your success" I guess we all have a lot to learn from you.