Sunday, October 02, 2005

A wonderful Sunday

What a fabulous day today.

This morning I played the third football match of my comeback and we got our first win by 2 goals to 1. Then this evening Annie read (wonderfully) three pieces at the Harvest Festival service at our church.

We feel like we have earned some sleep after a particularly hectic week which has seen us travel over 500 miles in the car to deliver three workshops and all the time Annie was really under the weather suffering from a head cold and throat infection.

We are hoping some semblance of normality will return over the next couple of weeks.


Annie said...

Trevor, you looked smashing in your football kit - AND you played admirably. Sir Alex Ferguson just might invite you to play for Manchester United. Never give up hope :-)

Rocky said...

Wnderful news. way to go. We have watched the movie Rudy several times over the last couple of weeks. i am teaching my kids some things about the power of dreams and perseverence. Maybe one day Ol' trafford will resoate with "Trevor, Trevor" Good on you for pursuing your passions. It makes it even more enjoyable to share it with someone special as Annie is to you.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky - dreams are the stuff of life my friend.

Ironically enough, I am going to Old Trafford tomorrow (Wednesday)for a day long workshop in their conference lounge. So one day I will be able to truthfully tell my grandson Sebastian I did perform at Old Trafford :-)

Annie's love and support is just fantastic - anything is possible when one has such fantastic encouragement.