Tuesday, October 25, 2005

George Galloway - Hero or Villian?

George Galloway is without doubt an interesting politician.

He has something about him that makes me pay attention. He is so brash and confident that he sounds convincing. He is in the news again today because he says he has been falsely accused of lying under oath by the US Senate committee which accused him of receiving oil cash from Saddam Hussein.

Mr Galloway said: "I am ready to fly to the US today... to face such a charge (perjury) because it is simply false."

That sounds like confidence to me and I am sure he is not just wanting a trip to the States to do some early Christmas shopping!

It is covered on BBC News at this link


Whether George Galloway is right or wrong does not really interest me that much. The fascination to me is why he grabs so many headlines.

Like him or loathe him - I guess he has charisma and is an excellent speaker.


Mike said...

It isn't that hard to be a show-off, Trevor, which it strikes me is about all Mr. Galloway is about. (No, he isn't too popular here, at least among conservatives and other realists.) If there was some integrity behind his blather, that would mean something. Even if he isn't technically guilty of receiving kick-backs from Saddam, the fact that he was involved enough to have his name linked to this scandal should say something about his unsavory and self-serving actions. He claims he is being persecuted by the American government due to his outspoken opposition to the Iraq war. Well, a lot of people have been outspoken in their opposition to the war and have not been persecuted. He's hiding behind his own cheap theatrics. He's all talk. But, he can be a dangerous empty suit because he understands that many will rally to his side if he is a good enough actor. And he calls himself a leader. Unbelievable.

Trevor Gay said...

Brilliant comments Mike

I have studied leadership as
I am sure you have too. We both know 'effective' leadership and 'good' leadership are totally different things. Hitler was very 'effective' but he wasn't 'good'

I think there is something odd about Mr Galloway but he does have allies and he has followers. He argues persuasively I think by good oratory.

He clearly has appeal to the media folks and on that basis the public to listen to him.

I agree we have to watch him carefully - If he had a brain he could be dangerous :-)

Anonymous said...

trevor said: i agree we have to watch him carefully - If he had a brain he could be dangerous :-
mmmmm sounds like having a brain worries some of the media brainwashers.
George Galloway is a hero in a world full of cowards ,enough said.