Monday, October 10, 2005

England on a roll - so why do fans want Sven sacked??!!!

Great news over the weekend is that England has qualified to play in the soccer World Cup Final tournament next summer in Germany.

If they beat Poland on Wednesday night England will win their qualifying group having lost just one match. At the same the other three home countries – Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland did not qualify.

So how come there is still such a clamor for the resignation of the England manager Sven Goran Eriksson?

It amazes me. The man has lost only three competitive matches since he became England’s manager three or four years ago and yet many football fans are calling for him to be dismissed.

If England goes onto win the World Cup in 2006 - which is a real possibility – then I wonder what those same people will be saying about Sven.

I suspect that the reasons he is not popular are nothing at all to do with his ability as a football coach but more to do with his ‘off field’ antics and maybe even the simple fact that he is not an Englishman.

But then I do see things simplistically!

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