Thursday, October 13, 2005

A visit to Parliament

Yesterday Annie and I went to the House of Commons!!

No - we have not been elected as MP’s – we are happy to remain normal thank you.

No - I had not been not summoned to appear before Parliament to explain my rants, outbursts and criticisms on this Blog of poor management in healthcare.

Seriously - We were there to help support Carers UK in their efforts to promote the needs of the millions of family carers in the UK. Carers are unpaid but their efforts keep this country’s health and social care services solvent by providing care for family members, friends and neighbours through a sense of love, obligation and duty – usually in that order.

The MP Hywel Francis, MP for Aberavon took the Carers Equal Opportuinities Act through Parliament this year and the event yesterday was to celebrate and launch the resource pack that all Local Authorities will be expected to adhere to in implementing the new Act. We were priveledged to be invited to the launch.

The Act means that Carers can expect equal opportunity in employment, education and healthcare and it marks yet another major milestone in raising awareness about the needs of Carers who otherwise just carry on without being acknowledged or recognised.

I intend to regularly report about the progress to support Carers on my Simplicity Blog and I will continue to work with Carers UK to raise the profile of Carers.

The country owes Carers a great debt.

I hope you enjoy pictures below from our outing to the Commons – it was a horrible rainy day but the House of Commons is an awesome sight – such fantastic architecture and such history as you walk through the corridors imagining the great political characters that trod those same corridors.



mike said...

You are obviously doing your part to support these wonderful people. I don't know what the US equivalent would be, since we have many in-home and otherwise private care-givers who are paid for their services.

Nice picture of Westminster. It's now my wallpaper. Hope you don't mind.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Mike - I am sure you will have an equivalent organisation in the States to Carers UK. One in 8 adults are Carers in the UK and they do the job for nothing saving the Government billions of pounds.

Westminster Wallpaper ....that could catch on :-)