Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bird Flu

I normally like to keep my Simplicity Blog up-beat and optimistic so forgive me if this one is a little more down-beat. I think however it is an important topic for all of us.

The news is coming thick and fast now about the threat of Bird Flu hitting the UK.

There are some alarming statistics being quoted as you can see from the quotes from Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health.

First of all it is alarming that 12000 people die every winter on average in the UK from ordinary flu! The worst case scenario appears to be up to 750000 deaths if the UK if Bird Flue becomes a Pandemic.

Scary stuff, and in my view, if the Chief Medical Officer goes on prime time BBC-TV to announce such figures quite openly than there must be worries in high places that this is more than just scare stories.

I think we need to watch very carefully as this story develops and make sure we protect our families - particularly those who are most vulnerable.


Mike said...

Two thoughts on this that may or may not be related to each other:

1. All influenza comes from birds. Always has. At the moment, H5N1 has not mutated much beyond the original bird virus, but the worry is that it will in the near future. No one has caught it from another person yet, only from an infected bird.

2. Politicians and bureaucrats in many countries have seen what happens when political leaders do not react properly to potential disasters through the fecal-storm going on in the US since hurricane Katrina et al. They have a tendency to overreact on the side of caution in order to be "safe" in the event a pandemic does break out.

Mike said...

And, I almost forgot, I want to direct the readers to Seth Godin's recent post of some very significant statistics and thoughts on scare tactics and optimism.

Trevor Gay said...

I hear what you say Mike and I think I wouod rather politicians over-react than be caught unawares. A huge part of me thinks all this may be exagerated but the other part of me hopes wew are well preapred just in case.

Trevor Gay said...

Must remember to spell check - especially early in the morning :-)

Mike said...

During our weekly dart league match last night, we realized how self-sufficient we can be. My wife and I grow tons of organic vegetables, a good friend makes excellent wine, and another makes beer! If we have to avoid gatherings and crowds, or if the veneer of civilization starts to crack--we will be able to take care of ourselves ery well. Wine, beer, beans and tomatoes!

Trevor Gay said...

You will be hoping for an outbreak then!

Hope you won the darts match - I used to play darts for my pub team many years ago and also pool for the same pub team.