Sunday, May 15, 2011

Title number 19 .... United are the greatest!

My beloved Manchester United under the inspiring leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson won our 19th Championship yesterday ... all the more special that we now overtake our great rivals Liverpool who have won 18 titles. We are now officially the best team in English football history and that is a FACT …. Can someone let Mr Benitez know … given how he loves FACTS

It was so popular they’ve created a special motorway sign on the M6 to commemorate the occasion!

Eat your heart out Liverpool FC

Happy Days!


JOHN O'LEARY said...

Congrats, Trevor. I suppose I should start following the sport, now that the brilliant owners of MY favorite sports franchise, the Boston Red Sox (a baseball team), are now part of the ownership group of the Liverpool football club. So I predict Liverpool will be back!

Trevor Gay said...

Keep on dreaming John .... Good to see hope where there is none my friend :-)

Richard Lipscombe said...

Trevor.... I know how much this means to you so rejoice in it while you can.

John get on the band-waggon now. Another dominant era for Liverpool is hopefully just around the corner. The first step in that journey is financial stability. The second is a Manager, young Kenny, who knows what it means to play for Liverpool. The third is to find a way of playing football that is both contemporary and unique then stick with it. The fourth is to create future success not to dwell on, nor hunger for, past successes.

Liverpool has to be remade in ways that can match the vitality, flair, poise, and ball control of the greatest club today - ie Barcelona. It can be done.

Trevor Gay said...

Mmmmmmm ….. So…. By my reckoning if we beat Barcelona on May 28th in the Champions League Final at Wembley that makes us the greatest team aye Richard? :-)

Good luck to Mr Dalgleish but I don’t see Liverpool challenging United for at least ten years - because 69 years young Sir Alex is likely to go on until he is 80 at this rate!

One of my Scouse mates said to me United will struggle because we have to replace Giggsy, Scholesy and Edwin;

I replied …. Yep like we struggled to replace Robson, Cantona, Schmeichel, Beckham, Keane, Hughes, Ince, Van Nisterlory, Ronaldo, Tevez, Pallister, Bruce, Sharpe, Strachan, Kanchelskis, Parker, Sheringham, Irwin, Webb, McGrath, Whiteside, Macari. McClair, Cole, Yorke, Stam, Heinze, Veron, Butt, Forlan, Saha, Soljskaar, Neville and so on ……..

I rest my case.

United are streets ahead of Liverpool as a world wide institution.

J.KANNAN said...

Hi Trevor,

A Dedicated Leader (Sir Alex) dedicates the Brilliantly won the trophy by United Manchester unitedly to English people and Sir Alex by all means and standards deserves a standing ovation by all sports persons and sports lovers.


Trevor Gay said...

JK - Sir Alex is simply the best manager in the history of British football and at 69 years of age with the passion of a teenager he will be around for a few more years yet - health permitting ..... so there are a few more trophies to win yet....

Carrie said...

Hi Trevor,

Is there a way to contact you directly via email?


Carrie Taaca
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Trevor Gay said...

Hi Carrie -

Mark JF said...

Barcelona 3 : 1 Man Utd

Sir Alex: 2 European Cups
Mr. Paisley: 3

No doubting Sir Alex's record, it's fantastic. But Bob's The Man where Europe is concerned...

Trevor Gay said...

Liverpool didn't have to play any team from another planet though Mark - Barca are extra-ordinary. and please don't think Sir Alex is finished trying yet Sir!