Thursday, March 11, 2010

More wisdom from JK

Our great Simplicity friend J Kannan recently sent me his latest words of wisdom for publication on my Blog. I'm always delighted - indeed honoured - to publish his words. Thank you JK.

“Simplicity is Life".... J Kannan

Life is need based never want based. Desires have no ends. Simplicity is a way of life and human culture and heritage highly stresses on simple living and high thinking, and this is the way of life: Legs down to earth and eyes looking beyond the achieve "Simplicity" in life........

Simplify your needs

Amplify your work

Certify your conduct

Glorify your future

Nullify your greed

Justify your expenses

Magnify your mind


Rectify your mistak


Marilyn Jess said...

Wow-JK you have some real pearls here. Simplicity is Life, it goes with my latest speech, Time is Life. The values you talk about here are timeless, and human ones, regardless of culture.

Thank you, JK!

Dave Wheeler said...


A rich and rewarding life is indeed what one could have following this roadmap. "Magnify your mind"...sorely needed on my part!

Thanks for sharing!

hucknjim said...

JK and Trevor,

Wise words indeed. Thank you, but if I may add something? I think if you "simplify your needs" the rest will happen naturally, although perhaps not so quickly as when you work at them. Not to say it's easy: any life changing philosophy requires effort but it's worth it.


J.KANNAN said...

My Dear and beloved Simplicity friends.

Good morning.........and.........

A small message before I get into realities of last week...........

I look simple, I live simple but I think in contrast(high) that's the way I lead my life..........why because of the fact:-

I don't think to breathe, I breath to think realities of life. I am contended,comfortable and a confident person and hopefully God will support to me to remain so until I inhale the last ounce of God's free given nature's breathe inhaler.

I did enjoy the last International Simplicity conference chat held on 7th instant mid night my time excellent exchange of views with very good suggestions to be implemented from the next conference chat to be held on 28th instant. I could not very actively participate in the last chat due to reasons of not feeling at ease and comfort, yet I am Happy that I could participate in it.

My dear friends please note that I even could not post my impression on the 7th night conference chat as I retired to slumber around 1 AM (8th) and on the morning of 8th March 010 I had to suffer a Cardiac attack and was hospitalised in ICU for treatment and to bring things under control by a team of doctors lead by an expertise Cardiac Surgeon. I was in ICU for three days later moved to a private room of the hospital and only last night (13 Mar 010) I was discharged from Hospital and back home being taken care of by my wife Vijayalakshmi (Her e mail id "" for info and ref of all my friends)

All test were done one me like ECG, Echo and Angeogram which have reported positive and encouraging results i.e recommending under medical management with out requiring/undergoing surgical procedure like open heart/bypass surgery. So this is one more reason for me to believe that God dwells in my heart and who wold dare to disturb God?

It was indeed a very hectic week for my wife to put up and bear with all work by herself but then again God was with her too all the way and all the time to keep up the courage and strength and to share with her to take care of me very well.She has managed everything very well with the Divine support and ,as I insisted that we should not inform Sriram & sharanya (Our only son and his wife) Sriram being away in New Zealand on his official assignment and Sharanya pursuing her studies in Bangalore) as we don't want them to be disturbed /distracted from their respective mission.

Iam advised complete bed rest, diet control and medical management treatment and about my entering back in to normal work the Doctors will take a decision after 4 weeks of periodical review/observation.Therefore it is imperative that I will not be in a position to take part in the 28th March,2010 Simplicity Conf Chat but will be abide by all decisions taken in the conference and shall endorse it, and I thought it appropriate on my part to keep you all informed.................and I do believe in......

"Do good, and leave behind you, a monument of virtue
that the storms of time can never destroy.
Write your name in kindness, love, and mercy on the
hearts of thousands you come in contact with year by
year, and you will never be forgotten. Your name and
your good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven. "

Thank you all dear and hope to be back with you all at the earliest.

Yours in Simplicity Friendship.


Trevor Gay said...

JK - What can I say?

So sorry to hear you are not well. Please take it easy and rest assured you are in our prayers.

I hope we can re-connect when you are ready but please listen to the doctors (and your body) and rest completely.

We can all wait for you to return when you are completely well.

Your faith is inspiring.

Trevor Gay said...

John - I agree with you.

No progress in my career has come about without hard work on my part.

As I have often written I do not believe in overnight success.

Quite often it takes 40 years to become an overnight success

Marilyn Jess said...


As I was reading your latest response a rainbow reappeared, even brighter than it was a few minutes ago. We seldom see these here in Vermont in the morning.And I can see the whole thing--no clounds obscuring it.

Could there be a better symbol of hope and joy for you? We welcome you back when you are healed and ready. Meanwhile, rest and be well.

JOHN O'LEARY said...

JK - That's scary stuff! Hope you're feeling better and on the mend. Best!