Friday, March 19, 2010

Leaders 2010 - their competencies?

I’ve always been fascinated by the subject of leadership. Indeed Leadership was the subject of my dissertation called "Leadership in Practice" when I studied for my MA Management (Healthcare) at the University of Plymouth from 1996-98. In those 12-14 years what terrific and exciting progress we have seen in technology and yet I suggest the leadership qualities we look for haven’t changed dramatically.

I think these 7 Competencies of a Leader I discussed in my dissertation apply as much today as they ever did.

  • Setting Direction
  • Setting an Example
  • Effective Communication
  • Creating Alignment
  • Bringing the best out of people
  • Leaders as change agent
  • Decision and actions in crisis or uncertainty
What’s your take on the competencies of our leaders in 2010?


JOHN O'LEARY said...

Pretty good list for a youngster!

I'm big on leaders growing leaders, tho you might consider that a natural progression from "Bringing the best out of people."

Trevor Gay said...

Being an effective 'mentor' for a couple of people in your career is a great aspiration John.

That (to me anyway) is one of the greatest tributes that can ever be paid to any manager/leader.

Dave Wheeler said...


I really like the "creating alignment" concept yet you seldom see anything written about it or anyone advocating it effectiveness. It is however the first and most critical part of the process of translating the values, vision and mission identified by senior leadership during the their planning process into actionable and measurable work processes in every department at every level, of any organization. After all, if my department is wasting time and money doing things that aren't linked to my supporting my company's mission. I'm wasting time,money, and resources doing things that don't matter.

Perhaps the reason many folks don't see value in "strategic" planning is they do nothing to create the alignment,top to bottom, that results in improved effectiveness, efficiency, performance, and results! Doing the right thing (planning)the right way (creating alignment) is the foundation world class companies are built on!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dave - too many folks just look after their own job/department and don't see above the parapet to ways of co-operating with other areas.

I guess people just feel safer on their own hill.

Appreciating others roles and meeting them half way is all that's needed surely?

Why is that so complicated to implement?

Mark JF said...

Discuss in relation to Stephen Byers and Patricia Hewitt, with particular emphasis on their suitability for any form of paid employment after the next election.

Trevor: you're seriously thinking of voting for this ethically and morally corrupt party?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mark – I’m with you entirely.

You and others have convinced me to change my adult lifelong voting strategy.

If I vote at all this time I will vote for the person rather than any party.

Actually Mark I think both major parties have given me enough evidence to suggest they are both equally “ethically and morally corrupt” – good words thank you!