Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our friend JK's new website launched today!

It is my pleasure and delight to bring to your attention the launch today of a new website for our great Simplicity friend J.Kannan from Chennai, India.

This is the link:

From the website you can link to JK’s Blog which is entitled “Business Ethics and Practice.”

I can think of no-one better at promoting Business Ethics than JK!

This is the full link to the Blog



J.KANNAN said...

Dear Trevor,
Words are just inadequate to express my gratitude to for your spontaneous and instant action in spreading the message to all my beloved "Simplicity friends" and 'am indebted to you for ever.

You have established your sincere love towards your simplicity friends.

May Jesus continue bless you and your family at all times.

With Love and regards.


Trevor Gay said...

The pleasure is mine JK - thank you for sharing your thoughts as always my friend.

I'm sure many people will benefit from your words as they read your Blog and Website.

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Hey, I'm ashamed to admit I only NOW discovered J.Kannan's blog. It's definitely worth checking out. More wisdom emanating from the "cradle of the human race"!

J.KANNAN said...

John thank you very much for your inspiration,motivation and support.This keeps me going and growing. There's lot to read in my blog on various topics of varied interest.

Keep going through the blog whenever time permits.

Thank you once again for your Lovely appreciation.

With Regards.


J.KANNAN said...

Dear All,

'am pleased to inform all my beloved friends of "Simplicity" that I have added one more page to my web site"" titled "Inspiration" and hope you will all like to read through it and enjoy.

Its all because of your inspiration and support that keeps me moving forward.

With Love & regards.