Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"I'm Proud of the NHS"

I've set up a Facebook Group called "I'm Proud of the NHS" - you can join at this link


mike said...

Trevor--leaving our differences in political philosophy and free market vs. gov't run health care aside--I'm curious why there has been such a sudden spike in British medical, NHS, and government folks defending the NHS on the American media. Its not as if the decisions made here in the US will have any impact on the future of the NHS in Britain. Why the need to talk the system up so much to millions of people who will never use it?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike - quite simply its because of the totally un-informed and unfair criticism of people like Sarah Plain and similar right wing scaremongerers in the US.

They speak about the NHS with no knowledge or experience of it and people over here in the UK from Doctors to patients feel the need to put the record straight.

Interesting enough many patients from the US strongly defend the NHS as well in my experience when they or members of their family have had occasion to use it.

Trevor Gay said...

I guess Mike its about putting a balanced view to folks in the US rather than the biased view of anti-universal healthcare right wing extremists.