Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ian Sanders - The Juggler!

My friend Ian Sanders - author of two great books that I have reviewed on Simplicity Blog is featured on this terrific interview. It lasts eight and a half minutes and is well worth a look.

Well done Ian - keep up the good work.


Ian Sanders said...

Thanks Trevor. Big thanks to James at for doing the interview

Trevor Gay said...

No problem Ian - Keep it simple :-)

Dan Gunter said...

Trevor, interesting timing on this one. I had someone express to me just this weekend their curiosity over the fact that I run the video production/web design/marketing business AND engage in leadership/organizational/self-development activities. As I shared with them, I find it to actually be a healthy balance (and a means of keeping my sanity) as each not only allows me to express my interests and utilize my abilities, but each also serves as a way of engaging in something else that's productive while allowing me a "break" from the other activities.

Along the theme Ian Sanders describes in this interview you so kindly shared a link to, Sandy works with me in my business when she's not working her "regular job." By doing so, she has assisted me in growing the business and our work reputation to the point that we are now discussing taking the next step, which would be for her to quit her regular job (which averages about 28 hours per week) and taking this business up to the next level, which I don't see doing WITHOUT a second person being involved on a much more regular basis also.

There are potential clients and business sources I have intentionally avoided tapping into because it would put things at a level where it would be easy to overload my own schedule and in turn degrade the quality of the work I do for clients now. That is something I refuse to do: I will not compromise on the quality of the work I do. In the long run, that would take things in more of a backward direction, totally defeating the purpose of everything I've worked to build, which all centers on having a good reputation with clients. It's all about "managed" growth, I suppose you could say.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan - congratulations on the growth of the business and I'm sure you and Sandy working together will ensure success. Annie and I work together on many projects and it is wonderful.

Ian is a great inspiration with his simplicity and common sense!

Cary Window Shutters said...

Great read thankyoou