Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Simplicity Blog in top 100!!

I received a lovely surprise this morning in my inbox when I heard that Simplicity Blog has been included in "Top 100 Leadership Blogs" compiled by in the US

Click here to see the list

I feel honoured to be considered in the same company as two of my heroes Tom Peters and Seth Godin.

Simplicity strikes again – maybe it is catching on.

Thanks to the organisers who selected my Blog – I am a very proud man today. And most of all, of course, thanks to all readers of Simplicity Blog who must spread the word far and wide about my Blog - I am always grateful to you.

How amazing that our wonderful world is such a small place nowadays?

This is the full link


Anonymous said...

All I can say is thank goodness people are noticing the importance of Simplicity in today's workplace. As you know, I searched around several sites before I found myself relishing in the glory of a simpler life, simpler work habits, and simple leadership. I believe, and I'm sure many others do, that you're not only worthy of the company in the Top 100, but also as, if not more, relevant in today's leadership market.

With all of that blah-blah out of my system, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS. Thanks for helping to change some of our leadership skills and lives, for that matter.

I see the contributions are continuing to rise for the charity event, even in very tough economic times. That says it all about the Simplicity Blog and the people that care about each other that visit your site.

Cheers my friend!!!!!!!

David Wike said...

I was just updating the link to my website when I spotted this. Well done and keep up the good work. I find that even I am writing about keeping things simple these days, so you must be having an impact!

J.KANNAN said...

My Dear Trevor,

At the out set my heartiest congrats and felicitations on achieving global recognition for “Simplicity”.No.86. I feel being honoured and happy being one of your fascinating readers. In fact I got immersed in joy and happiness after reading the great news.

You have a heart that never hardens but remains softer, a temper that never tires but bubbles with enthusiasm and a touch that never hurts but inspires and motivates in happiness-That’s my ever loving and beloved friend Trevor.

I was for sure that “Simplicity Blog” is in the offing for a global recognition (this I have indicated to you in one of my mails to you couple months a go- I don’t know if you remember this) and you have achieved it-Great efforts deserves great recognition.

Hard. Dedicated, devoted and earnest work shall never go unnoticed and unrecognized but certainly pays and you have achieved it as you do deserve it and proved your simplicity approach and interaction with all your readers.

As your blog title “Simplicity”, you too are very simple and your approach, attitude, interaction, feedback and words of wisdom too are “simplicity”

May Lord Jesus continue to grace and bless you for more and more laurels and achievements to reach to “Top 10” from 86, and thereby take us to more heights of joy and happiness.

With Love & regards.


JOHN O'LEARY said...

Congrats, Trevor. Ditto on the above accolades. Well-deserved!!

Trevor Gay said...

Scott - I genuinely appreciate your support and thanks for spreading the word about the Marathon - also greatly appreciated by both Annie and me.

My Blog is only as good as the folks who contribute otherwise it just becomes me just ranting in a one way blast. The comments I receive on my Blog are always educational!

Thanks again – it feels like a ‘community’ and one that I am proud to be a member of!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David - many thanks - especially good to have congratulations from a Liverpool fan...Only joking of course :-)

Simple is always best!

Trevor Gay said...

JK - You are very kind and I am touched by your generous words.

Your input is always valued. Annie and I always look forward to your latest piece of wisdom.

God bless you and your family as always.

Trevor Gay said...

John - I have to try and keep up with your Blog - you set very high standards my friend :-)

Anonymous said...

For he is a jolly good blogger.
For he is a jolly good blogger.
For he is a jolly good blogger.
And so say all of us.

Congratulations Trevor.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Frank - that's great - a poet!!

Trevor Gay said...

PS - Scott - had you noticed we are now up to £450 - Absolutely brilliant generosity!!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed and I'm keeping a watchful eye on the progress. Maybe some fellow bloggers are rewarding you for the fantastic job with the site and a top 100 ranking.

If people haven't donated yet, in true Trevor fashion, the process is...well...SIMPLE. I'm keeping an eye on the exchange rates to make my next donation.

You're a good man, with a better wife, and an even greater cause. Ingredients for success!!!!!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks again Scott - you are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Seth? Seth Who?...congratulations Trevor. Simplicity is indeed a terrific place to visit and the recognition is more than well deserved. Top 5 for sure!

You have been terrific friend and great source of inspiration and knowledge. Many Thanks...

Trevor Gay said...

Dave - entirely mutual feeling buddy :-)

Marilyn Jess said...

Yeah, Trevor.

You not only belong on this honor roll, you inspire us with your insights using the blog as well. I feel part of a really special, brilliant family here, and I learn so much from all of you.

Annie and I recently connected on FaceBook. As I told her, I was about to close my blog down until I came across yours. You inspired me to keep it going.

Here's to you--with a sip of Sonoma's finest wines, of course!

Anonymous said...

AS the kids in America say "SWEET!!!!! " A job well done over time. That is incredible. You certainly are in some good company. Glad to know you mate. You are an inspiration. How is the Marathon training going.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Marilyn - always good to see your comments and great to know that it feels like a family. That is often how I feel about the Blog too. I have got to know so many great people through it. I hope you and Annie enjoy the scrabble games! :-)

That wine is very tempting!

Trevor Gay said...

Ho Rocky - good to hear from you. The marathon training is going well- we are now up to 10 miles in our 24 week training programme. We are now in week 13. It is something I never thought I would do but each passing week it feels more exciting.

Terry Starbucker said...

Well done Trevor, and very well deserved. Keep the faith, and my very best wishes for continued success!

PS: When are you going to get on Twitter - we need your wit and insight there!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Terry - good to hear from you and thanks. I have actually signed up for Twitter (trevthered is my Twitter name) and I am only just learning about it so far. It’s all a bit new for me. Hopefully I will get more proficient in using it!

Keep it simple my friend

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Trevor!

Trevor Gay said...

Many thanks Marianne - hope you are keeping well