Thursday, February 12, 2009

73 days and counting .....

Scott – one of my many friends from the US, and a regular Simplicity Blog supporter, suggested I do a countdown to the London Marathon once a week.

So here goes …..

The London Marathon will take place on Sunday 26th April 2009 so we have 73 days to go. Neither Annie nor I have run a marathon before. In fact, before we started training for this event the furthest either of us had run was 6 miles.

We are in week 14 of our 24 week training programme. We have run 10 miles as our longest run and we've now done that for three successive Saturdays.

Since we started training I’ve lost 26 pounds and I aim to lose another 10 pounds before the big day.

We have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had -
from people all over the world - for our wonderful charity "Carers UK."

We've already had pledges of over £500 toward our target of £3000.

See this link

Annie has a Blog dedicated to our London Marathon efforts called Running for Carers where you can keep up to date with our training.

Please tell your friends and all suggestions/ideas for fundraising will, needless to say, be gratefully received!


Anonymous said...


My good friend! Best of luck with the marathon and all of your supporters from the Blog and abroad.

I'm thinking that Contraire and I may have to follow you in a golf cart to make sure that we stay hydrated (beer) and you finish the race for all of your supporters.

I think what you're doing is great and I still believe that Trevor Gay and his literary collection should be mentioned somewhere in a top 100 list.

Hey Wally about if you tag this blog as a "Blog of the Week" for going above and beyond with one of our top 100 stars? Let's all give a little or a little back to our buddy Trev!


Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Scott - a beer at the end of 26 miles sounds great - I will look out for you and Contraire!

Thanks for your kind words and support about my writing - you are too kind!

BA said...

Contraire is very funny and quite dubious. I have quite a bit of respect for our friend Judith...she is quite refreshing.

Gretchen, my wife, is up on the idea of coming to England at some point in the near future. We will have a beer at some point in the future!!!!! 26 miles...I don't think I've jogged 26 miles collectively in my existence.

Great work Trev!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi BA - 'Contraire' is too mysterious for me! - can't get his sense of humour to be perfectly honest but I try hard to understand :-)

Great that you may make it to UK - that beer gets closer!

Trevor Gay said...

PS ... And you are right - Judith is very refreshing - she is not afraid to challenge and puts her views forward very clearly. The TP Blog is an amazing place with lots of different personalities.

J.KANNAN said...

Its a very good suggestion from Scott to begin a "Count Down" on the Marathon Race Apr 2009.

As the revenue generation"just giving" has picked up momentum, all all of us could visibly see, similarly 26 miles of race has also piked up momentum- and from 10 miles you both will move to 15 to 20 and finally 26 miles with your vigorous training and practice. and at the end you both will make it up, we are all confident of, to celebrate it.

All the best and good Luck to you & Annie always.


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks JK - we are so impressed and grateful for the kindness of so many people all round the planet!

Thank you everyone!