Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I can't make a decision!

I have about 10 'Friend of Simplicity' interviews lined up with some interesting good friends.

I need your advice. Do I just run the interviews one after the other over the next few weeks or do I mix the content of my Blog with intermittent interviews and some 'Trevor' reflections?
Whenever I've not been sure in my career I consult the expert - the customer - so please let me know what you think!


J.KANNAN said...


Good morning and a very good thing to think of in the morning.

I am a regular reader of “Simplicity”. I had been reading all the interviews been conducted by you with various personalities from different walks of life through “Simplicity” as is the title the interview too is in simple way, crisp, spic & span., and according to me it goes very well. Your own reflections and the reflections/impressions that of our beloved simplicity readers are also good and well within the ambit and good knowledgeable extend. Of course it was intermittent, as I noticed gap in interviews now and then-and it’s not a thing to be viewed with concern-after all one has to plan and dedicate time for other activities too in life.

Simplicity platform is being used very well by its beloved Readers (I think all my friend will endorse with my views). It’s being used aptly by you for interviews and I have only to say, it’s a very good thought on your part to interview and introduce great people genuinely for the benefit of simplicity readers. According to me to get to know more and more people more so authors, managers, leaders, professionals, legendaries etc. in various fields is some thing great, and deserves a pat on your shoulder with appreciation for your earnest efforts- May all the readers of the Simplicity continue to be benefited.

As per my views you are on the right track, in the right way with right views, attitude, reflections coupled with good of intentions. and there is no doubt on this. “GOD BLESS YOU”, Trevor.


Trevor, keep up and continue with your good efforts and endeavor without any second thought. And you have made a “RIGHT DECISION”


Steve Sherlock said...

I think variety is the spice of life. I'd mix it up, we know your going to give it all a simplicity twist/approach so it will all work out well!

Anonymous said...

Mix 'em up.

Tim Blair said...

A mix would be good

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Mix 'em up. Methinks your reflections count as much as those of other luminaries you interview.

Marilyn Jess said...

I vote for mixing things up as well. Visually, it helps the eye focus better. Longer posts, interspersed with shorter ones.

I'm impressed that you have so many interesting friends. Well, maybe not--you haven't been to my Toastmasters club. LOL

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks everyone – that’s a pretty unanimous verdict thanks - I will intersperse the interviews with personal reflections. As always the right thing to do is to share the decision making!


Anonymous said...

Ask the experts and then a democratic approach to a resolution!


Anonymous said...

Run them straight thru!!

Joel D Canfield said...

I'd like to read them straight through.

So, obviously, I'll just skip over your personal reminiscenses and commentary in order to do that.

Now you remember why you've missed me so much . . .

Unknown said...

I'd mix it up, too, Trevor.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky, Bach, Joel and Felix - still the majority for mixing things up.

Joel - of course I miss you :-)

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Hey Trevor - Just occurred to me you might mix in a video or two (cribbed from YouTube) to vary the media. I recently started doing this. (I have a vid I just posted on my site on the Beatles, who arrived in America 45 years ago this month.) Come to think of it, there are great clips of the Eagles on YouTube that you could use to make some salient points. They certainly exemplified simplicity (among other things).

Trevor Gay said...

Great thought John - I will definitely put The Eagles videos on the Blog from You Tube. Do you think people will tolerate my Eagles obsession? I must resist my urge to post one Eagles video per day!

Wow! – was it really 45 years since the Fab Four first hit your shores in the US? - I have to admit publicly that I do actually remember it as an 11 year old!

I also remember the amazing reception they got back in Britain when they returned - the scenes at the airport on their return was incredible with thousands of young fans there to welcome them home. Maybe The Beatles were our greatest export of that time indeed perhaps ever.

Trevor Gay said...

PS John - Never thought about the link between simplicity and The Eagles - no wonder I love them - that explains everything

BTW had I told you I am seeing them again in England (Birmingham)when they tour in July?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Trevor!

Being the music aficionado that I am, I thought I'd just pop in with a matter of personal taste - in other words, abject truth! :>)

I appreciate your reminiscences on the Bea'les, but I have to say that the STONES, mahn, get my vote for Britain's greatest rock and roll export. In fact, I will go further to say that are arguably the best all-'round rock and roll band of all time! We have gone to see them every time they have played Denver in recent decades (notwithstanding the ticket prices which punish us for our taste). The license plates on my wife's car are "RSTONES". I guess we OLDER rock and roll fans still prefer that harder edge to our rock . . . plus, the added bonus of the aesthetics of Keith Richards!

P.S. Lucy has a musical toy with four buttons playing four different music styles: rock, country, disco, and hip-hop. Guess which one she presses every time? . . . mmm, hmm . . . rock.

Trevor Gay said...

Dick - Brilliant comments and I love the license plate!

With all due respect to the all hard edged rockers around the world who love the Stones I would take The Beatles every time.

The Beatles (some would say it was really the visionary ‘ahead of his time’ manager Brian Epstein) changed the face of pop. They still have that magical mystical quality that is just not tangible. The Stones have lasted and that is great but for me the Fab Four will always be tops.

How lovely that we can reminisce like this. Interesting what you say about little Lucy. I remember when my daughter was a teenager in the 1990’s she preferred the 60’s albums to the then modern pop … form is temporary, class is permanent.

Hope Lucy is thriving - she remains in our prayers.