Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tom Peters backs Barack Obama

I was delighted to discover on U Tube that my management guru Tom Peters is supporting Barack Obama in the forthcoming US Presidential Election.

Tom’s speech is in three parts at these links

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It is a typically passionate speech from Tom. He tells us this is the first time he given a political speech in his 66 years. That’s sounds a pretty symbolic statement of how strongly he feels the need for US citizens to elect Mr Obama in November.

I am not knowledgeable enough of US politics to say who is the best candidate but I agree with every word in Tom's speech.


Anonymous said...

Wow! he sure is passionate. I am not much on politics and really could not engage in an educated debate about the pro.s and/or Con's of either candidate or either party for that matter. I think the comparisons to JFK are extremely premature. That seems a big stretch. However, as I stated I am not near as educated as Tom Peters. I think what he was advocating is what he perceives as a stronger affiliation for the working class guy and he seems to feel as though John McCain is too old and out of touch with the average American. More importantly, he seems to have a real distrust in Sarah Palin.

As I stated before I am not versed in the politics of either and could not speak intelligently on the issues. I do respect Tom's passion for the worker and putting them first. I must say that it does surprise me to see him taking such a stand. This election seems to have drawn out the passions of many in the country. I am not sure I have seen this kind of passion (on both sides) This post will no doubt draw alot comments from your readers.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Tom's speech, not because of the endorsement of a particular candidate, but because of his return to the original theme that has made me a devotee of his work...PUT PEOPLE FIRST! The front line folks. His words regarding the plight of the working folks and middle class and the stagnate wages also rang true. I do not however see any evidence that either candidate has any new proposals or strategies to really effect change. Raise taxes on business and cut taxes on the middle class? Businesses compensate for the increased taxes by increasing prices. Money is put in your pocket with one hand and taken out...and then some...with the other! The governments involvement in the current financial crisis is creating deficits that basically gives either candidate an out for not keeping their campaign promises. Real change...change I can believe in? Not this time...not these candidates! But that's just me. Having the right to choose however is a marvelous thing!

Trevor Gay said...

Great comments Rocky and Dave. I respect your views as much better informed citizen of the US than me sitting here in England!

I share with you the joy that Tom reminds us about putting people first. As you both know respecting and valuing front liners is one of my greatest passions.

I repeat I am not really in an informed position to judge the two candidates. From a distance Mr Obama comes across - to me at least - as someone who provides hope and enthusiasm. I don’t have that feeling about Mr McCain and certainly not about his deputy. I wonder in fact if she will turn out to be the reason he loses rather than the clinical, obvious plan that she would turn out to be the trump card.

I agree with Rocky that it is far too early to compare him with JFK – time alone will tell us about that.

And Dave you are sooooo right to remind us that the choice between two is not the best thing about election and the right to choose is the truly precious thing!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the links regarding TP speech. I can certainly say he was passionate....although somewhat pessimistic.

I can see the connection using John Kennedy....however it is really too early to compare Kennedy and Obama.

A few more preelection days left here in America. I think most of us had enough campaigning.

It won't happen....yet it might impact on our vote ....if we knew who would be on each candidates cabinet team.

Jim Baker

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Jim – it’s great being educated by you folks from the US and I really appreciate your comments.

I agree with you about the early JFK comparison and I can also understand how you might all be suffering 'election exhaustion'

I really enjoy seeing the whole process develop. Maybe I should get a life :- )

JOHN O'LEARY said...

On a less inspiring note, the right wing media here are claiming that businesses across America are planning layoffs in the event of an Obama victory. An influential Boston talk show host routinely (and in hushed tones) refers to Obama as, gasp, a Communist. I better look up what that means.

Trevor Gay said...

Isn't it amazing John how some people can use such insulting, defamatory and unkind language. It reminds me of this wonderful quote - so rest assured Mr Obama is in good company:

“When I give money to the poor I am called a saint. When. I ask why the poor are hungry, I am called a communist.” - Dom Helder Camara (1909-1999)

Full title - Rev. Helder Pessoa Câmara, Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Olinda and Recifé, Brazil.

Marilyn Jess said...

Thanks, Trevor, for posting this speech. I didn't realize the rally was taped for You Tube. This took place a few miles north of where I live. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend, but at least I can hear the highlights.

When business leaders and people like Gen. Powell break from the party line, for the sake of the country, and endorse the 'other side,' you know the Republicans don't get it.

While Obama/Biden are not the ideal candidates, the thought of McCain/Palin is chilling. Two predictions I've made.

1. The mandate for Obama will be higher than predicted.
2. We will embark on two new intiatives here in the USA--energy reform and infrastructure building. Our WPA, so to speak.

Tom is a forceful advocate for the changes we need. He deserves a place on the advisory board that Obama needs to have!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Marilyn – nothing gets by U Tube these days it seems.

It will be really interesting to see whether your two predictions come true. I would love to see some progress on a universal healthcare system in your country but I don’t suppose that will ever happen because people seem worried about what is perceived as government ‘interference’. I believe you have to approach that debate from a perspective that says we need to ensure wealth is not an advantage nor poverty a disadvantage when it comes to delivering healthcare and therefore a national system with all its faults remains the best option for the entire population.

I have no axe to grind whatsoever about your election - its nothing to do with me - but if I were given a choice between the two candidates I have to say Mr Obama looks to me like a thoroughbred racing a tired worn out donkey. Sorry to say that but I just cannot understand how McCain - so old and so dull - and having such a poor health record can even consider himself a candidate to become the most important man on the planet. And then add in to the mix someone who seems like a psychopath as deputy. God forbid she ever has her finger on the button as far as I can tell. Do the Republicans really seriously believe they can win with that duo? – looks more like a nightmare than a dream ticket to me.

Anonymous said...


OK. I AM well versed in the parties and their candidates. I don't understand why people who comment here believe they must state first they don't know anything and then offer an opinion. If you have an opinion and want to express it--JUST DO SO.

Mr. Obama will be a tragedy to not only the US but the world if he is elescted and a new-Democratic supermajority exists in the US gov't. At a time when the traditional socialist democracies of the world are leaning more toward lower taxes and higher privatization, more reliance on free market solutions--Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, and Ms. Pelosi would take the US in the opposite direction until approximately 40% of the tax base of the country would pay NO net taxes, leaving the rest of us to shoulder an ever-higher burden of paying for increased social spending for the rest. That will, in turn, kill entrepreneurship, innovation, and the free enterprise system that has brought millions upon millions out of poverty the world over. Tom Peters should have realized this. The man who preaches innovation, entrepreneurship, and WOW endorsed the anti-WOW candidate. Unbelievable.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike – in a democracy the majority opinion will win. If the arguments put forward by Mr McCain and his team are convincing enough, then they win – if they are not convincing then Mr Obama wins. Simple as that.

What I hear from Tom Peters is that he feels Mr Obama offers hope to the US and the world and McCain offers no hope to either.

As you know I don’t share your abhorrence of government services. I still await any credible argument in favour of a better universal health care service privately funded than can be provided by a national health service funded through taxation. Healthcare in a privately funded service may well be excellent for those who can afford it, such a service will not be excellent for those who cannot afford it. I therefore prefer a fair and equally accessible service where wealth is not an advantage and poverty not a disadvantage.

J.KANNAN said...
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Judith Ellis said...

Trevor - Your donkey analogy literally had me laughing hysterically, with all due respect, of course, to the venerable veteran. Bravo!

I shall not say much here about Sarah Palin (though there is SO MUCH to be said!) save that she is UTTERLY SUPREMELY unprepared to lead the US and the free world.

Senator McCain is also not prepared for the presidency for the mere choice of such a one as his vice president. There are other reasons as well. But this one is just simply nuts! What else can be said about this choice?

If it was not enough that the self-proclaimed maverick has not changed Washington after 29 years in the Senate, he also claims that the very uninformed non-curious Palin is also a maverick. Ugh!

At times, this all seems so very surreal. Kafkaesque!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Judith – the media reports over here tell us Mr Obama has a double digit points lead in the polls which I am pleased to hear about. I think there must be questions of judgment and credibility about anyone who appoints Mrs Palin as the person who could one day quite easily be the most important person on the planet. As you say over there ‘It’s a no brainer!’