Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thought for the day ....

I look out of my window this Saturday morning in Shakespeare’s County to see a gloriously sunny day and I see what God provides for us every day free of charge.

We are told the financial world is crumbling around the ears of the ‘experts’ in financial affairs who helped get us into this mess in the first place … so I thought I would share this profound wisdom ….

Billy was at school one morning and the teacher asked all the children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came: fireman, policeman, salesman, chippy, captain of industry, doctor, etc. But Billy was being uncharacteristically quiet and so the teacher asked him about his father. My father is an exotic dancer in a gay club and takes off all his clothes in front of other men. Sometimes if the offer is really good, he’ll go out with a man, rent a cheap hotel room and let them sleep with him. The teacher quickly set the other children some work and took little Billy aside to ask him if that was really true. "No" said Billy. "He is a financial adviser in the city, but I was too embarrassed to say"


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha. That is pretty good. I do agree with you that the best things in life are free. There are many troubles due to the financial problems and who knows where it will go, but there are many things we can appreciate many things for no cost. It is good of you to have this appreciative view and at the same time keep a good humor about it. Things are going to get tough.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rocky - I think you are right - there is going to be some pain but my feeling is this is all relative.

I keep banging on about the fact that 30,000 people - mainly children - die EVERY DAY on our planet due to extreme poverty …. so when we say things are going to be hard we have to really think about what we are comparing that with.

Great to hear from you Amigo - hope you are keeping well.

J.KANNAN said...

It looks like that Billy really prefers his father to be a Club dancer rather than being a Financial Advisor, putting Billy to embarrassment.

Its not only the case with Financial Advisors but also with Finance Ministers. See our FM, Mr. Chidambaram has cancelled his vist to Washingdon, fearing that he will get "washed out" for various financial inefficiencies and inadequacies and will remain in India for now and dance at his house.

As far as USA is concerned a bit of momentary relief for which USA should thank to Indian Government for having signed the 123 agreement. Now India is resourceful and orders in hand to place with USA for 50 thousand crores of Indian Rupee worth orders for nuke supplies to India.George Bush at the fag end of his presidential tenure can now bow out of white House with good notes and he shall remember India for ever. People of USA can for the time being continue to dance- but the ? is how long will they dance and when and how many are going to slip down is a? Wait and watch for answers.

This comment is being send without any prejudice whatsoever.


Trevor Gay said...

Hi JK - I guess we are all to blame to some degree for the state the world financial system now finds itself in. We cannot escape the criticism as individuals. Greed has become the new religion for millions of people across the world.

I cannot help but be reminded of yet another fabulous quote from the Master - Mr Gandhi – ‘YOU must be the change you wish to see in the world’

I just love that!

Anonymous said...

That is funny!

J.KANNAN said...


I do agree with you’re your views, but not in its totality. My stand point and explanation will be, we, as sensible people opted to vote to power political people in good faith and trust. To put it right sense “wrong people for the right position” –Be it India, UK, USA, Eurpoe etc.

“What you sow , so you reap” will be more apt justification, to console ourselves.- betrayal of trust by people in position voted to power and position to hold responsibility , accountable and answerable to Tax payers and other citizens of their respective nations, rather than ditching them down with financial down fall and crisis.

Financial situation crumbling and hitting common people around the world is not the fault of the people living there, according to me, due to lack of ethical and proper administration, governance and conduct by the people in power and position. The only solution for this is people in power and position mend their attitudes and ways for the good of the citizens of their countries.and my advise to them is- Withoit any vested interests "Think Good, Implemet Good and keep your countries citizens Good and Happy.


Mike Gardner said...

Funny story. Now, my question: what's a "chippy?"

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike - a chippy is an English nickname for a carpenter!

Trevor Gay said...

I can see what you are saying JK and yes I think we should hold our politicians fully accountable. What a great shame that greed has caused this current problem. How sad also that our political leaders did not see this coming and done something to prevent it. If they could not have seen it coming I guess they are incompetent.

The good thing that may come out of all this is a complete re-evaluation of ethics in business and I pray we never end up in this position again.

Now there is a real challenge to our leaders of tomorrow – our current leaders have failed abysmally it seems.

Anonymous said...

Two quick thoughts:

I'm getting very fed up with all this knee-jerk and superficial waffle blaming every banker in existence (and only them) for the problem. After all, it's so much easier to blame everyone for the sins of a few and it saves us actually having to think about a) why we're here and b) what to do to sort it out.

Let's do a credibility test on anyone who wants to blame the bankers for all our woes. If your mortgage is more than 3 times salary and/or was more than 80% of the purchase price of the house; if you can't pay your credit card off each month; if you've taken on more debt than you can pay off - then what right have you got to blame the bankers?

I'm not a religious person at all but don't the Christians have something say about people, sins and throwing stones?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mark - thanks for your comment. I agree about all of us contributing to the problem - I don't think I've ever blamed;

'every banker in existence (and only them) for the problem.' as you put it.

In my earlier comment I even wrote:

'I guess we are all to blame to some degree for the state the world financial system now finds itself in. We cannot escape the criticism as individuals. Greed has become the new religion for millions of people across the world.'

I think most Christians accept they are not perfect - no one is - but Christians generally aspire to d things to improve things - we fall short often - just like non-Christians and those of other faiths and indeed those with no faith.

J.KANNAN said...


There is solution for every problem being faced by nations on numerous issues. If there is no problem then we are not required to exist (more so and particularly those accountable, answerable and responsible for the welfare and well-being of the citizens of the countries).

There will be problems and issues, these must be solved and the solutions so found must be acceptable and favourable to the citizens. All the people don’t rule a country. Only elected representatives voted to power by citizen’s in good faith conduct and administer governance. They are quite expected to do this job rightly and righteously. Or else do you mean to say that problems and crisis are created by citizens in whch I, you and our friends of this forum also form a part. Well I shall certainly not agree.

I think it’s a practice in most of the countries to administer “OATH” by way of swearing in ceremony, of office while inducting, President, Vice President, Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues. Chief justices, Governors of the states, Chief Ministers and his team etc.etc. Is it merely a formality without any responsibility? (As it appears like that). Has it not got a sound and sensible principle and meaning with multiple responsibilities to shoulder and deliver the desired and fruitful results to the citizens who have voted them to their seats?

Constitute laws, rules and regulations making the presidents and all Ministers accountable and responsible for adherence and compliance. Its pointless blaming FIs, Banks and other authorities as they are under the control of some Ministers subject to important decision by the Head of the nation. Simultaneously while inducting these people they should sign a bond indemnifying citizens of their countries from financial crisis and down fall by maintaining perfect economical stability. This should work well, as presently no one in the ruling team appears to be shouldering responsibility in the right perspective and spirit excepting enjoying perks and privileges, from the tax money of the citizens, one of the main sources of revenue to the Government. If strict adherence and compliance for the welfare and well-being of the citizens cannot be guaranteed by the Government, citizens have to satisfy with the good old saying “WHAT CANNOT BE CURED MUST BE ENDURED”. And even God will not be able save us from the crisis and problems. What else I can say Trevor.


Anonymous said...

I think I know where Mark is coming from - and I subscribe to the point made. It is easy, convenient, popular, trendy, and often downright therapeutic, to scapegoat. That doesn't mean it's rational or productive.

I'll only address social behavior in the modern, democratic countries (there are too many overlaying cultural influences otherwise). Maybe I'll only address the US, although there are common tendencies in the UK, I am sure. I have witnessed a steady decline of personal responsibility and accountability as a mainstay of society over my lifetime. That characteristic was a driving force in the progression of the US as a people and as a nation. Well, it has been lost - starting in the social revolutions of the 60s, as best I can tell. People started to "imagine" like Lennon and forgot how to do. (Sorry, Trevor, no reflection on the music. :>) )

We are now at the point where words and expressions like "entitlement", "I'm owed", "victimization", "disadvantaged", and "what can you as a candidate (or government), do for me (or) do about 'the problem'". Throw in a good dose of your cited greed at the individual level, Trevor, and what do you have? A new value system where expectations of others prevail in lieu of expectations of SELF.

I'm sure Mark has a name for this state of affairs, so take it away, Mark!

-- Dick

Trevor Gay said...

JK – I agree with you that we should always look to our leaders for the example, the direction and the integrity to prevent the sort of chaos we now are faced with in many economies around the world. I think what you may be saying is that the only ‘mistake’ we make as citizens is to vote the wrong leaders into power. I agree with that summary! It’s interesting that here in the UK only about 35% of those eligible to vote in our general elections can be bothered to vote. This shows dreadful apathy on the part of voters. So as a result we get what we vote for and it seems our leaders have failed us.

Hi Dick – I think we must always look at our own individual part in any cock up! It is always easier for some people to blame others. But I also agree with JK that we must look to our leaders to set the example and we should hold them strictly to account when things go wrong. Otherwise there is no point in democracy and our vote become pointless.

Copping out of our own responsibility is bad …. But not questioning our leaders is even worse! John Lennon was a great cage rattler for common sense and the common man and some of his music was brilliant. His ‘Imagine’ was a challenge to the pretentiousness of politicians and how we saw killing people in wars as the way to solve problems.

I actually have great faith in ordinary people and less faith in the very below average politicians of today. I think people are looking for inspiration from politicians and see no one on my side of the pond. I don’t know about the US but it feels from a distance that you guys are also looking for some new leadership.

I feel we get nowhere fast by blaming anyone in particular and a better way forward is for all of us to accept we have been a part of creating the problem and therefore we must help toward the solution.

Anonymous said...

What a nice lively conversation. I am thinking Mark took offense at the story of Billy being embarrassed by his fathers occupation. I thought it was a funny story, but it does not place blame at one particular industry. We all have some share in the blame. I am not sure anyone was casting stones, but maybe I am wrong. I took the story to be more of an encouragement to take stock of our blessings and not to get to caught up in the current crises. however, I do think the current financial dilemma is going to have far reaching effects. Things are going to get tough. I am not sure what any individuals can do about it other than take their bit of responsibility and adjust accordingly. it is very much about individual and collective responsibility and YES the financial institutions carry their burden of responsibility as well. maybe not every individual that makes of the financial institution, but as a collective, yes they do.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rocky - when I posted the story it was tongue in cheek and very much meant as a joke ....

As I've said I don't think we can just blame any group in particular - we all have some element of responsibility.

Good to hear from you Amigo :-)