Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In Record Time!

Earlier this evening at Coombe Abbey, Annie completed the 5k Race for Life in her fastest time in four attempts. She completed the course in 31 minutes 40 seconds which beat her previous best time by about 90 seconds

It poured with rain for the entire race!

Annie finished in the top 100 or so in a field of 2500 women

Well done darling – I’m very proud of you!


David Wike said...

Well done Annie. Now if you can just shave another 40 seconds off you’ll be under the magic 30 minutes. How about a sponsorship ‘bonus’ next year if you can achieve that?

By the way, what’s the fastest time for the bald bloke with the two dogs?

Trevor Gay said...

David – Annie is much fitter than me right now and recently in a 4 and half mile fun run in Coventry she finished way ahead of me.

I have slipped up badly, I’m afraid, putting on weight and I have to re-focus given our marathon preparation for 2009.

The best I did for 5k was on the treadmill a couple of years ago in the Gym when I managed it in 28 minutes or so …. But at that point I was not carrying the extra 14 bags of sugar that I now do!! (28 pounds for our friends from the US!)

Joel D Canfield said...

Marvelous! Well in the top 5%—impressive.

I run all the time. Best Beloved really appreciates it.

I run the dishwasher.

I run the vacuum.

I run the washer and dryer.

I run my mouth, which garners slightly less appreciation.

In slightly more truthful news, since northern California is covered by a haze of smoke from the endless uncontrollable fires, I haven't done my daily 30 minutes on my bicycle for nearly a week. At 112 degrees, they're advising us not to even go outside, let alone exercise.

I don't recall this ever happening in Co. Kerry . . .

Trevor Gay said...

'Keep on running' as Forrest Gump would say Joel :-)

Annie G said...

Many thanks boys for your comments.

David, thanks so much for sponsoring me... you are brilliant. Er... I'm not a maths expert but I think I would need to shave off 1 MINUTE and 40 seconds to make it round the course in 30 minutes. I have achieved it on a treadmill, but these outdoor courses do tend to have hills, reducing speed somewhat. Yes, I'll consider your sponsorhip 'bonus' idea - thanks.

Joel, you're a model husband! Phew, it sounds as though you're in Hell down there. Enjoy the rest while you can.

Trevor, thanks for your support as always hun xxxx

Trevor Gay said...

Crikey David!! - Your maths 'eye for detail' is not as good as your English 'eye for detail' it seems.....Gadzooks man you've been caught out!! .. Well and truly rumbled!!

... How did this one this one slip through your multiple checks system?

Trevor Gay said...

PS - As your great hero Kevin Keegan would say ... 'I luv it' when you make the odd mistake!

David Wike said...

Sorry, that was an American 40 seconds (for the benefit of your transatlantic audience), which of course is the equivalent of 100 European seconds.

While maths is not my specialist subject, I did get the sums right but for some bizarre reason then typed the wrong number. Of course, there will now be a full inquest into my quality checking systems involving endless consultants, auditors and proof-readers to ensure that I never give Mr Gay the opportunity to point out my failings again.

By the way Annie, it is the Bromsgrove Race For Life on 20th July so you could have another go at getting under 30 minutes! I’m afraid that there are one or two hills here as well, but no forest fires. We even close the roads so that there is plenty of room to overtake slower runners who might stop you from shaving off those 100 seconds!

Trevor, it looks like you optimism about Ronaldo staying at Old Trafford may have been misplaced judging by the ‘talk’ in the media today.

David Wike said...

Blimey, I must be tired! I have spotted a mistake in what I just posted!!!

Trevor Gay said...

I expect higher standards of you David and I am delighted to see you will be taking the necessary corrective action within your organisation to ensure such failing are not a regular occurrence. I presume you have cleared your plans with the Chief Executive Officer

Making TWO mistakes in one day is something not becoming of the ‘Bard of Bromsgrove’ … but I do forgive you … knowing as I now do that you are human after all :-)

Frankly I’m pretty fed up with the whole Ronaldo story. If he doesn’t want to play at Old Trafford then I think we should just sell him – end of story. What intrigues me most is that we have yet to hear a direct quote from Sir Alex who I am pretty certain will have the final word on this sorry saga ….

Annie G said...

Hey David, what's 60 seconds between friends? Also, I made a typing error in my last comment as well!

Mmm, think I'll give the Race For Life in Bromsgrove a miss. I've just signed up for a 10K race in September and a half-marathon in October. I suppose I ought to tell Trevor that I've signed him up too....

Steve Sherlock said...

congratulations! nice running

Anonymous said...

Trevor and Annie...Outstanding! The only thing I can definitively say about my own 5K skills right now is I would need to be timed by a calendar rather than a stop watch!

However, as a person with a daughter whose life has been touched by cancer there are not enough words to express my thanks and appreciation for you and the millions of other folks who support these types of events that raise funds for the research to cure this disease.


Annie G said...

Thanks Steve and Dave.

Dave you are funny, timed by a calendar indeed, I laughed for ages at that!!!!
Seriously, sorry about your daughter... Trevor did mention that she was a cancer sufferer
Just before the race, the organiser stood on a stage and asked people to put their hands up if they knew someone whose lives were affected by cancer. I didn't see anyone whose hand wasn't raised so it goes to show how worthwhile and necessary these fund-raising events are. They are lots of fun too! Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Annie...true story. I was out "attempting" to jog/run/walk whatever this morning about 4:AM as I had to be at work @6:00am. A police officer actually flashed his lights to get me to stop. As he approached me I asked him "What, was I speeding?" He was slightly less than amused. Didn't know it was a crime to be out in the neighborhood early.

Annie G said...

Hi Dave,
You start work early!! It's a shame the police officer didn't share your sense of humor. Have you considered an early evening jog/run/walk/shuffle?
Good luck with your 'keep fit' campaign!