Friday, July 11, 2008

Couldn't Resist!

Annual Conference 2008
Directions to the venue for pedestrians:

Walk straight ahead for 139.53 metres and then turn left. Walk for another 73.86 metres and turn right. On your left you will notice a three story building with an overall cubic measurement of 2137 square metres, not to be mistaken for the building next door which as you will appreciate is only 2135 square meters. Walk past these two buildings for 63.87 metres and you will see facing you the Main Entrance to the Conference Centre. All regular Complexity Conference attenders will immediately notice the right hand door of the double door entrance is hung at 89.832 degrees upright rather than 90 degrees – forgive us for that. You may rest assured the carpenter will not be awarded further contracts with us.

You have now reached the venue.

For registration purposes please bring with you three forms of identity, one of which must be your 1000 Page Corporate Complexity Manual entitled ‘How to Boil an Egg' which as you know is one of the 79 Corporate Complexity Manuals you received as part of your induction pack when you joined us.

Do enjoy this year’s conference and please take four hours at the end of the conference to complete the 75 page evaluation form. This will ensure we plan future conferences with equal complexity.

Annual Conference 2008
Directions to the venue for pedestrains:

Follow arrows please


Anonymous said...


Right on! I find that the more complex a direction-givers mind is, the more impossible are his directions to follow.

A corollary follows, that the apparently more accomplished minds have the most difficult time following simple directions!

Rick in VT

Trevor Gay said...

Rick - I love that comment thanks - it is my experience too about the most accomplished minds :-)

Hope weather is good in VT

Anonymous said...

Not simple enough... I would follow the arrows, but they aren't moving!

Trevor Gay said...

Excellent observation Randy!