Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Roll on Moscow!!

'One club man' Paul Scholes celebrates the goal that sent Man Utd into the final

Forgive my self indulgence.

My beloved Manchester United beat Barcelona 1-0 at Old Trafford tonight to reach the final of the European Champions League in Moscow on Wednesday on 21st May.

What a glorious night and how fitting that Paul Scholes – a man of great humility, modesty and seeker of zero publicity should score such a terrific winning goal.
Click here for the BBC Report

Well done Scholesey – you are an absolute legend - I can’t wait for the final.


Anonymous said...

An professional athlete who is humble, modest, and a seeker of zero publicty? Nice to know good things can happen to great people....Guess I'll have to pay attention to this series now.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dave - Paul Scholes is everything one would want one's son to be ....