Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fun at the Zoo

Annie and I had a trip to Devon last week to see my three children and two Grandsons Sebastian and Reece. We went to the Zoo and I was able to generally act in a very immature way. This included playing in the ball pit with Sebastian and getting told off that adults are not supposed to climb on the apparatus! .... I hope I never grow up. Annie took lots of great pictures .... A few are shown here.


Anonymous said...

How can your day not be brightened and a smile not cross your face looking at the picture of those two "kids" in the ball pit? Thanks for sharing those are blessed indeed!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dave - I am blessed indeed. As a fellow Grandad I'm sure you are equally at home in the ball pit :-)

Anonymous said...

Trevor --

I'm sure you can understand when I say I have never acted so immature (well, maybe since my twenties anyway) as when I am with my grandkids - especially the grandsons (Nicholas, Jack, Jake, and Charlie). I'm sure my two granddaughters, Lucy and Isabella, will straighten us all out and civilize us when they get older!

I'm glad to see the photographic evidence that I am not alone!

-- Dick

Trevor Gay said...

Wonderful comment Dick and yes i know exactly what you mean :-)

Who wants to grow up anyway?