Monday, June 25, 2007

More Branson wisdom

Every now and again I find a book that I can’t wait to pick up for the next opportunity to read it!

Sir Richard Branson’s ‘Screw it Lets Do It - Expanded’ is such a book for me.

I’m two thirds of the way through it now and I keep finding gems that I will use in presentations, Blogs and books for years to come!

The latest simple Branson observation that grabbed me from the book;

‘There are always people who criticise and usually they’re the ones who come up with no solutions’

Amen Sir Richard - I have met many of them!


Dmitry Linkov said...

Richard's books are the best ever! I adore them. They give me superb impetus! Looking forward to read this one.

For me Branson is the best example. I can surely say - I want to be like him! =)

Trevor Gay said...

I'm sure you will enjoy this book Dmitry. There is great wisdom on every page and the underlying message throughout is 'just do it'

By the way my friend ... When you are like Sir Richard remember I might be looking for a part time job :-)

Take care

Dan said...

I really enjoyed his book Losing My Virginity - I'll have to check out this new one. What an interesting fellow this Branson guy is!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan

Reading the book makes me feel like sending off my CV (Resume) to Virgin :-)

He must be an inspiring leader to work for.

Dan said...

Totally! I had the same reaction - Gee, I wonder if he's hiring...

Dmitry Linkov said...

Sure Trevor ;))).

By the way - I'll need your help as a NHS specialist. More detailed will be in e-mail.

Take care.

Trevor Gay said...

No problem Dmitry ...just as long as you don't want me to perform open heart surgery - that is something I leave to the experts ... I have trouble cutting bread :-)