Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I love a challenge

I am in Cardiff today (Tuesday) talking at the Institute of Health Management Annual Conference about Simplicity.

Wow!! .... do we need that in the National Health Service or what??!

I am running a workshop for about 32 senior NHS managers, and I intend yet again to challenge them to convince me we have to carry on with this ridiculous fantasy language and complexity that, in my opinion, is created by managers for managers.

I am looking forward to it and will report back on how it went tomorrow ... that is if I escape with all my faculties intact!


Dan said...

Can't wait to hear the results! Knock 'em dead, Trevor!

Trevor Gay said...

It was great thanks Dan - very lively discussion with plenty of folks challenging me but many agreeing about making work simpler.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Greetz - appreciate your comments