Thursday, March 09, 2006

Update on 'Simplicity is the Key' Manifesto

I heard today from 'Change This' that my manifesto proposal 'Simplicity is the Key' has been accepted.

Thanks to all who voted for it!

I now have to write it by 5 April and my head is full of ideas.

Thanks particularly to my Amigo Felix for providing me with the idea and the inspiration from his excellent Manifesto 'The Life Cycle of the Creative Soul' - isn't that just a beautiful title?


Rocky said...

That is great news! Simplicity Rules. It is a Trevolution!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky - I love that word - thanks for inventing it my friend :-)

I intend to write something soon with the title Trevolution!!

Sriram said...

Trevolution, Trevealing, Treverence ...actually I have great regards for you are really pushing yourself way too much for the cause of SIMPLICITY. Appreciate it… I DEFINTELY know that SIMPLICITY WILL RULE…to paraphrase Levis “Simplicity never goes out of style” Keep up the Trevolution!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Sriram - the basics are the new cutting edge!

Great regards are mutual Sriram - keep up your excellent work!

Pepsicology said...

Glad you did it!

Walter White said...


Well done. Glad to see the topic selected! Can't wait to see it.


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Omara and Walter - I have until 5 April to produce the draft and will share it with you in due course.

Best wishes to you both