Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two new Simplicity additions!

Pleased to report two additions to Simplicity

First a new Simplicity Web Site which we will be using to promote ideas about simplicity and information on what Simplicity services we offer.

I deliberately chose a very basic site design and template in line with Simplicity principles and so the site has limitations. The template does not allow flashy text, nevertheless its overall presentation looks professional, yet warm according to comments received.
The site is easy to navigate; I hope it is informative; and of course I am open to suggestions to improve it.

I've had great feedback from friends and colleagues since the site went livel ast weekend. I have listened to what people have said and amended it so thanks for that.

The new Simplicity Web site is at this link;

Secondly and just as important is a new Simplicity Gallery Blog that Annie will be to looking after. On Simplicity Gallery, Annie will be posting photos about what we do at work and also some photos for a bit of light relief.

I can tell you there are already some pretty scary photos on there! Take a look!

You will find the new Simplicity Gallery Blog at this link;


Rocky said...

Keep the momentum going. You have been a great inspiration to me.

Trevor Gay said...

You inspire me just as much Rocky!!

Anonymous said...

Nice site Trev

Sriram said...

Hi Trevor,

Your website is “neat”. A few suggestions (If I may say…)

a) You could show the precise date for eg: March 02, 2006 rather than mere month
b) You could maybe add a ‘poll’ on topics of your interest / choice in a section of ur website and ask users for their vote.
c) You could add a link for ‘Quotes’ – maybe u could post a few inspiring quotes and ensure you update it regularly.
d) You could add ‘featured links’ to other websites that you feel might appeal to a visitor to ur site.
e) You could add a link on ‘articles / documents’ that you have published / written which you may feel the world can / should view.
f) Maybe a link on book reviews??
g) Maybe a search button with a text box for search??
h) Aren’t you copyrighting your work?? A copyright logo could be present at the bottom of your homepage.
i) How about ‘privacy policy’ and ‘terms of use’??

Great Effort!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rick - glad you like it!

Felix - Amigo! you are very kind and thanks for the plug on your site!

Great suggestions Sriram - I will try to build some of these things into the site! ...when I can get the world to stop for a few hours :-)