Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tom Mabe

Do you, like me, get fed up with those persistent and annoying tele-sales callers?

Here’s a hilarious way of getting rid of them. I love it ….. I wish I could be so creative.



Richard Lipscombe said...


It made me laugh. Thanks.

I have a big smile on my face too because the Aussie Socceroos showed the world they can actually play the game. Aust 2 Serbia 1. See you all at the next World Cup.

Will England rally? I hope so for Stevie Gerrard if nothing else, he does not deserve to lead a team of whimps!

My pick to win this cup are traveling nicely - ie Portugal. I hope they do win it because they play the 'beautiful game' as we saw with 7 glorious goals against North Korea. Ronaldo was the architect as they built a game of speed, grace, flow, and plenty of goals.

Take care and I hope England wakes up for you and plays some of that Portugal style football.


Dave Wheeler said...


I don't care who you are...that was hilarious!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Richard - The Aussies did well to recover from their humiliation against the Germans. I hope we perform better against them on Sunday. I fancy England will keep on improving and I think Wayne Rooney will peak in the final ... says Trevor optimistically through the rose tinted spectacles he always wears.

Trevor Gay said...

Dave - I think it is hilarious too - it is the funniest one I've heard.

David Stocks said...

Loved this, really made me laugh. I quite often answer calls by asking them where they got my details and if they are aware of the data protection act and the fact that they are in breach of it. Usually gets them off the phone pretty quickly, but I would never dare to go this far, wish I had the nerve, brilliant!

Good to see England starting to play football at last!



Trevor Gay said...

Hi David – Thanks - I hadn’t thought of DPA!

Try using the line “We just rent the place - the landlord is the person you need to speak to” and give the phone number of the Local Trading Standards Office – that works well.

Dan Gunter said...

I actually have this one already bookmarked. I love it.

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Dan

JOHN O'LEARY said...

It certainly puts Tom Mabe on the map for me. Hadn't heard of him before.

Trevor Gay said...

He sounds brilliant John