Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come on England!!

Cometh the hour Comneth the man!!

Tomorrow is the day we need a real performance from England.

For the last 10 days I’ve felt totally frustrated and yet still optimistic.

It seems to me the England team always puts us fans through hell in every major tournament but up to this point we’ve never gone out of a tournament with a whimper. The English fighting spirit must come through tomorrow when we need it most.

I’m fed up with back biting from the media about all sorts of reasons why England will not progress. As far as I’m concerned we all need to get behind the team tomorrow. If we can get through to the last 16 we have a real chance in the knock out phase of the competition.

We have waited four long years for the World Cup to come around – let’s not waste this opportunity to restore the pride in our national football team.


Mark JF said...

A nation rejoices as England come flying out of the traps, all guns blazing, metaphors mixed and goal-scoring boots primed and working. The Cole's Joe and Ashley, the latter bombing forward like a man possessed, lay on chance upon chance for Rooney and Crouch who each net twice in the first half hour, despite the Slovenian keeper performing heroics to keep the score down. Then - and this is where it gets a bit surrealistic - Fat Frankie puts an absolute belter on target and makes it 5 at half time. Meantime, Upson plays a blinder in defence, not letting those pesky Slovenians so much as sniff an opportunity, and James in goal starts doing handstands to stave off the boredom. England take their foot off the throttle in the early second half but Rooney wants that hat trick and gets it. Defoe comes on for Crouch and gets the 7th. A nation rejoices and our status as WC favourites, at least in our own minds, is restored.

Then we lose 2-nil in the last 16, Terry red carded and Rooney in a strop. Normal service is resumed...

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mark - Brilliant – somehow I think you are right and yet my ever rose tinted specs still see Rooney dancing round the field ala Nobby Stiles on July 11th with the trophy aloft ….

Ahhhhhhhh the wonder of dreams eh?

Enjoy the match – I’m gonna be in front of the tele from 2.30 onwards with a stiff drink nearby …. Just in case ……

Mark JF said...

So much for me as a pundit... I was only 6 goals out in my forecast. In fact, the only bit I got right was that Ashley Cole would have a good game. Let's hope I was wrong about the Last 16 game as well!

Trevor Gay said...

WOW Mark - my nerves are shattered!! Urgently in need of a glass of Chilean Red .... :-)

Dick Field said...

Love the self-deprecating Brit humor, fellahs! Hey, I was getting a little worried about Trevor - like he had gone into a catatonic state or something. Not a word on WC since the stiff upper lip message after the draw with my USA. Well, mutual handshakes all around as we go to the Round of 16 together. Looks like we provincials have entered the world of real soccer . . . oops those regional colloquialisms die hard . . . football.

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Dick - we have to laugh over here otherwise we would cry.

England will peak I hope in the final with Rooney scoring a hat trick as we pick up the trophy.

Delighted to see the US team make it through too ...who knows perhaps we will meet in the Final -now that would be great :-)

I will always keep the faith!