Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Professor George Giarchi - A Special Man

On a trip down to Devon for a few days break, Annie and I met up yesterday with my academic supervisor Professor George Giarchi in Plymouth.

George is 81 years old and working as a lecturer at Plymouth University. He was telling me his is still a mere youngster when we consider the surgeon in the US who apparently still performs cardiac surgery at 94 years of age.

George tells me he thinks he will have to retire in July 2011 when he will be 82. George is not looking forward to it it. ‘What will I do?’ he said.

He went on to explain how he will be speaking in three different Cities in widespread parts of Britain over the next two weeks; as well as fulfilling his teaching commitments; and his research responsibilities; and writing chapters of various books. This is a typical working schedule for the great man.

George is simply inspirational.

There are many people in my life who have inspired me. George has to be close to the top of the list.

God bless you George – you are a very special man


Dave Wheeler said...


It sounds as if you have been most fortunate and your life has been enhanced greatly through your relationship with Professor Giarchi. A very special man he is indeed!

I love the attitude on the issue of retirement! Something tells me finding something to do will not be an issue at all.

Trevor Gay said...

I can't really see Geroge ever properly retiring Dave - he is still very enthusiastic. He tells me he will spend more time on his favourite hobby of wood carving.

nisha said...

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Trevor Gay said...

Many thanks Nisha

nisha said...

I have been reading your post regularly. They are highly informative and helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hello George, Thanks for the lecture today on crytallized listening.

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Rob London said...

Professor Giarchi was my personal tutor in 1989 - 1991. He had enough activity in his lifw even then, that would take 3 people their entire careers to fulfill. He is without any doubt a man who is the only member of his category (whatever that might eventually be). I have told, and re-told stories about George and his methods of inspiring so many times, I must owe him 100's of thousands in copyright fees. I do always credit him though, so maybe he will let me off. If you have never met this man, you should try to do so, and if you have met him, you will know what I mean. Meeting George is not so much a social experience its more of a life event. Love as always George.

Anonymous said...

George Giarchi passed away on 22 November 2017, his funeral is going to be on 8 December 2017, noon at Holy Family RC Church, Beacon Park, Plymouth. All welcome.

Trevor said...

So sorry to hear that - I know George had failing health over the last few year - thank you for letting me know - I will miss him