Saturday, June 12, 2010

Keep the Faith

So England drew 1-1 with the US. No problem – I say keep the faith. England manager Fabio Capello is the right man for the job. My prediction is England will reach the semi final …. At least.


Trevor Gay said...

Hi John - disappointingf resualt fior England but I'm still optmistic, The US team played well and should not be under estimated. Great atmosphere beteweren the two teams needless to say.

Football over here is a religion!

Mark JF said...

Capello stands exposed. Central defence is a huge problem: with Ferdinand out, Terry looks wobbly. King won't last (dodgy knees and too injury prone) and Carragher is not even remotely nearly the player he used to be. We then fall back on Upson (not up to it at this level) and Dawson (untried). Oh dear.

On top of this, all the keepers will feel aggrieved that he hasn't publicly endorsed them.

Capello should have done more to develop central defence and goalkeeper. He hasn't and that will come back to haunt him.

Heskey did reasonably but you can't play a forward who can't score. Crouch has this habit of scoring and ought to be on the pitch. Why Joe Cole isn't in the team is a mystery.

On current form, England will scrape through the group stage but get beaten in the last 16. If we come up against Germany, we'll be slaughtered.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mark – you sum up the defensive problems quite well – looks a bit scary when written down!

I think Dawson may well emerge alongside Terry.

It’s surprising our defence is so poor when we have had such a strong defence in past years. And Fabio as an Italian is best placed to get defensive tactics spot on – I think he is frustrated by our continuing silly mistakes. I would like to see Joe Cole too – by the way Joe will be a Man United player next season according to my sources. Rooney will explode soon and make us all smile I’m sure – he is world class.

I have yet to see Lampard have a good game for England – I’ve never rated him at international level – the most over rated English player ever at international level – He is brilliant at club level but way off international class.

As always I remain optimistic!!

Dick Field said...

Trevor --

Just had to drop in to say hello . . . since you seem a bit shaken. :>0

Needless to say, I have a big American smile on my face. I believe we have turned the corner on being taken more seriously in our second football (soccer). The big challenge for us will not be heart or enthusiasm this time - it will be the sustainment of focus and discipline. After watching the Germans today, I know that even more. In the last half against England, we were not as sharp. Still . . .

You just never know with those upstart Americans. Don't fret, Trevor - the provinces across the pond will do you proud! :>)

-- Dick

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dick – long time no speak – hope you are well Sir and that little Lucy is still progressing – she remains in our prayers.

I was impressed with the discipline and focus of the US team and we were terrible quite frankly. I’m hoping that’s the worst result out of our system and things will pick up from now on.

I hope the US get through to the next round.

Mark JF said...

My preference would have been for Joe Hart to have played in goal. He's young, just had a terrific season and hopefully has the confidence, lack of fear and the talent you need at this level. Go with youth.

Central defence has only ever looked good with a Ferdinand / Terry combination: they complement each other well and have good understanding. But no other partnership has looked anywhere near as good: Upson has never looked the part and at this level is barely even an honest toiler. King's knees are so dodgy that he's only played 3 games in short succession once in the last 5 years - he shouldn't even have been considered. Ditto Caragher on declining form grounds. With Ferdinand's long-standing injury problems, Dawson should have been blooded 12 months ago. Imagine now that one of Terry and A Cole picks up a sending off: what will our defence look like then? Porous...

Capello is big on experience but I fear he's gone with geriatrics for this tournament and it'll backfire. No wonder he was happy to sign his contract extension a couple of weeks back.

Trevor Gay said...

Agree with you about Hart – I love the youth element – that’s why I think Dawson can emerge. If your good enough you’re old enough has always been my view. Fascinating discussion Mark and that’s what makes football the best sport in the world – we all have opinions about it!

And no doubt we would make excellent England managers – all 25 million men in England!

Dick Field said...

Thanks, Trevor - Lucy is doing super.

I do envy the fan base in England - they are certainly pervasive, engaged, and possessing of the stiff upper lip.

I was gratified, however, to see a group of University of Colorado (my alma mater) students in Boulder yesterday with American flags and full Uncle Sam regalia. My wife and I tried to get into two bars/pubs, but the viewing crowd was outside the door! We finally get a sight-line to a TV screen in a barbecue restaurant.

-- Dick

Trevor Gay said...

Dick - Great news of Lucy.

Football (soccer) is more than simply a sport over here – it’s a religion for some. The late Bill Shankly a famous manager of Liverpool once famously said;

“Football is not a matter of life and death – it’s far more important than that”

Great to hear football is become more popular on your side of the pond sir

Scott Peters said...


Been thinking of you and Simplicity during the World Cup. Much talent on the club from England and many picked them to win the Cup. With the World Cup, as we've seen in the first week, anything can happen.

The US was fortunate on the luck associated with the mishandled ball in England's goal. Not so lucky with the amount of oil being deposited in the gulf ;)...the effects of Bush/Cheney still linger with their lack of regulation and closed door meetings with the Department of Energy. The only difference between us and England is that we haven't crowned a King yet.

I hope all is well my friend. Nice to see you posting more regularly. Hello to Annie!

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Scott - great to hear from you again - I sent an email to you recently and it bounced back - have you a new address?

The England team frustrates the hell out of all true soccer fans over here. We have brilliant players but we consistently under perform - I'm still optmistic though.

The US team has done really well - I'm impressed.

Sorry to hear about the oil issue -sounds terrible.

Where is the good news in 2010???!!!!

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