Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Race for Life

Cancer touches all of us in one way or another.

On Wednesday 9th July my darling wife Annie will be running the 5 km 'Race for Life' in Coombe Abbey, Coventry. This will be the fourth successive year Annie has run the race.

'Race for Life' is an all women’s race dedicated to raising money for Cancer research. Thousands of women all over Britain take part every year and millions of pounds are raised.

If any Simplicity Blog readers feel inclined you can sponsor Annie - and thereby Cancer Research - by going to this page to make a pledge. Or click on the 'donate' word on the 'just giving' notice in the right hand side panel. I know we are all constantly asked to give to good causes and I hope you don't mind me plugging this brilliant charity on my Blog.


Sriram said...

Nice pic Trevor...and very noble of Annie to take part in the Race for Life for the 4th consecutive year. Best Wishes.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Sriram - best wishes to you and Sharanya - hope you are both well.

Trevor and Annie

rocky said...

I will have to make a donation. Run Annie Run

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky!

Annie said...

Thank-you Rocky - you are a star :-)

Gabe said...

YAHHH! Go Annie!

My Wife and I will be running a 5k next week in Las Vegas for Breast Cancer. My wife is an avid runner and has been running marathons for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Give Annie our love and encouragement. Running for the sake of curing cancer is near and dear to our hearts.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Gabe - what a brilliant concept that we 'race for life' all over the world for such a great cause - best wishes to you and your wife from over here in England - keep up the great work!

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