Friday, April 04, 2008

Lucy Johnson

In the words of Lucy's parents;
''Buried under bandages, wires and tubes galore,
lies a fighter of unmatched strength'

Through my Simplicity Blog today I am asking anyone who reads this to remember in your prayers a little girl fighting for her life in the US.

I’ve got to know Dick Field in the last couple of years through my writing and through Simplicity Blog. Dick works in healthcare in the US military and so we have things in common, not least we are both Grandfathers.
Dick’s Grand daughter Lucy Johnson is currently fighting to survive a double lung transplant. Little Lucy is 8 months old and been awaiting a double lung transplant since December.

After the diagnosis of Lucy’s rare lung disease her family were informed shortly after her premature birth that Lucy’s only hope of survival is bilateral lung transplant, and this was performed at St. Louis Children's Hospital just a few days ago. Lucy continues her battle and as Dick says ‘I believe this little girl is being saved for something special.’

There are many people throughout the US and beyond who are now praying for Lucy. Regardless of religious beliefs I ask all readers of Simplicity to find some time to pray for this little girl and ask your friends to do the same.

You can read more about Lucy at this link where you can register
for updates on Lucy’s condition. Once you have your registration you can search for LucyGwendolynJohnson and you will then be able to access a message board and updates as well as many photos of her short life that has been spent entirely in hospital.

We may not be able to offer hands on practical help for Lucy at this time but we can all pray - and God of course hears us.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the chance to pray for little Lucy, Trevor, which my family and I are doing immediately here in Perth, Australia at almost 11.00pm Friday evening 4 April.

We will also be taking Lucy's remarkable little life and all the wonderful things God has in store for her in the years ahead to our church community on Sunday.

So, many more prayers will be offered up for little Lucy and her family from way over here in Aussie land. Go Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Galbraith

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Brian - the web now allows instant communication anywhere in the world and the more we can get to pray for little Lucy the better- thanks as always for your enthusiasm and love and regards to all your family from both Annie and me.

Take care

DickField said...

Thanks so much for your tender and caring post on my granddaughter Lucy, Trevor. I cannot fully explain the magic this little soul has brought to so many so far away from her. Perhaps it is because this new medium of communication has this ability to knit us together in its immediacy. Suffice it to say I myself have learned much from Lucy in my sixth decade of life and look forward to many more "lessons from Lucy".

For the benefit of your readers, one little correction on Lucy's ID in CarePages. It is LucyGwendolynJohnson (no spaces and no "e" on the end of her middle name - apologies for not catching this sooner).

Warm regards from Colorado.


Trevor Gay said...

Great to hear from you Dick. I have amended the incorrect spelling - it was my fault I think and not yours. We continue to pray.

dave wheeler said...

Please know that Lucy will continue to be in our prayers. We will also remember the family and child who gave a very precious gift that will enable Lucy to live a long and special life. Thanks to you and Mr. Field for sharing this with us,,,

Richard Lipscombe said...

The power of love for another is such a great source of 'healing'. I trust Lucy can feel the love being beamed towards her - to be loved and to be constantly in the thoughts of family, friends, and strangers is surely to serve the highest purpose on earth.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dave and Richard - I know Dick will be touched with your kind thoughts. It is amazing how we can all link up through technology to help Lucy with our prayers and our thoughts. You are both good men - I am proud to know you both as friends.

ROCKY said...

I will most certainly keep little Lucy in my pryaers. It is heart wrenching to watch a little one go through such difficulties. It saddens me to know that another family had to lose a little one in order to crate the chance for a miracle. However, one tragedy leads to the hope of another. I think that is why we should pray all the more.One child can symbolize the hope for many and carry the life and dreams of two families. John 3:16 comes to mind I will join in with praying for little Lucy and the two families that are putting their hopes in her survival. BE STRONG LITTLE ONE!!

Peter said...

Thanks for sharing- I am goin right away to see the carepage to signup.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks so much Rocky and Peter - much appreciated.

Dick Field said...

My family thanks you all so much for your kind words of support. As my daughter said in the KSDK TV report on Lucy's transplant (, "So here we are in this tiny room just the two of us, but it's like hundreds of people are with us."

As Lucy's Oma (grandmother) and I were driving through the night from Denver to St. Louis, we knew that "Team Lucy" had already arrived in spirit.

Opa Dick
Lucy's Grandfather

Trevor Gay said...

There are probably thousands of prayers now being said all round the world Dick - take care my friend :-)

Mary said...

I will put little Lucy on my daily prayer list, and may God bless this dear family. Mary

Trevor Gay said...

God blesss you Mary - all our prayers will help

Warm regards


Prayers For Olivia said...

I can't tell you how much reading your blog has helped me. I too am the Grandmother of a baby awaiting a double lung transplant at St Louis Children's Hospital.
The story of Lucy has given us the hope that a better day is coming as we approach Day 18 of waiting for new lungs.

God bless!

Trevor Gay said...

May god bless you and your Grandaughter Olivia ... Best regards Trevor