Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thank you Mr Blair

Since Tony Blair was elected as our Prime Minister in 1997 I have said he is a great leader. I still believe that and today he announced his resignation effective from 27th June 2007. I also believe history will be kinder to him than current opponents. Thank you Tony Blair and I hope you will enjoy your well deserved less pressurised life.


Felix Gerena said...

True leaders are difficult to find. Even in the same political party it can be a difficult challenge. Sometimes there can be years until a compelling leader is found.

I hope you are lucky, Trevor.

sakthi said...

Yes, definitely he is a leader of example...Being a Prime Minister about 10 years for big country doesn't give any head-weight to him...Yesterday he also resigned from the party leadership...
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steve said...

Yes, thank you Mr. Blair. Although I am only an observer of your government and its political figures, I've found much to admire in Mr. Blair--at least by comparison to his American counterpart. He often appeared more candid, or at least less secretive. He did not appear overly arrogant, although an ego the size of the continent is most likely necessary to reach this level. And finally, he seemed driven by a desire to govern well as a leader and member of the world community, instead of a need to require adherence to an ideology and affirmation of his own personal worth.

I wish him (and Mr. Brown) well.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Felix, Sakthi and Steve

My view is that Mr Blair is a modern leader for modern times. Like all leaders he has his critics – that comes with the territory as a leader.

The easiest job to do in the world is always someone else’s. He completely transformed the Labour Party to make it electable in UK and people tend to forget that. The Labour Party would never have been elected if Mr Blair had not carried on the reforming work of Neil Kinnock and John Smith. I wish him well and thanks all three of you all for your kind comments about Mr Blair.