Thursday, March 08, 2007

What a Night!!

Henrik Larsson in spectacular action at Old Trafford

Well what a wonderful trip it was yesterday (Wednesday) to Old Trafford, Manchester - The 'Theatre of Dreams'

This was the first time I had been to see Manchester United play at Old Trafford since April 17th 1990 when I took my Manchester United mad son Duncan on his 14th birthday as a surprise.

In the words of the old song .. ‘Ah yes I remember well.’ United won that night 17 years ago 2-0 against Aston Villa.

Last night United beat the French team Lille 1-0 to reach the last 8 of the European Champions League with a great goal from Henrik Larsson.

It was a magnificent occasion with 75,000 fans inside Old Trafford creating a marvelous atmosphere. I couldn’t help thinking how much better the stadium is now since it became all seater. The view was breathtaking from our high seat overlooking the pitch.

We travelled by car up the notorious M6 motorway from Birmingham allowing plenty of time to get to Manchester but with various delays it was only 5 minutes before kick off when we finally sat down.

Then we had to walk four miles back to our car but it was all worth it to see United in action and to sample once more that unique Old Trafford atmosphere!! – But then again … I am perhaps just a wee bit biased!!

Come on you Reds!!


Steve Sherlock said...

Congrats on the ManU success! I am glad you got to see a great game, Trevor. Our league (MLS) kicks off in April and the excitment is building.

Trevor Gay said...

Good luck for the upcoming season Steve - football (soccer) is unique in its appeal don't you think?

CCz said...

Hi Trevor

Yes Ronaldo rules!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Carlos - Hope you and your family are well

It was not one of Ronaldo's better performances but he did create the chance for Henrik Larsson to score the winning goal. Christiano is probably the best player in the world on current form. There is talk of a massive new contract for him to stay at Old Trafford.

felix said...

Larsson is a killer and a good team player, too.

Trevor Gay said...

I agree Felix - such a shame Henrik has to return to Sweden later in March - we have some injuries to cover and he would be a great asset!