Monday, March 19, 2007

Tony Blair and Comic Relief

An Audio Blog on whether Tony Blair was right or not to appear on Comic Relief on BBC TV last Friday evening in a comedy sketch given the war in Iraq. This one is a tricky call – I would be interested in comments.

This Audio Blog is 3 minutes and 47 seconds long.

MP3 File


David Wike said...

First of all Trevor, the sound level and quality of the latest blog seems much improved.

As for the content, well, I was astonished. I admit that I haven’t been paying much attention to the media this weekend, but I hadn’t heard any criticism of Tony Blair’s appearance on Comic Relief. I though that he was brilliant – one of the highlights of the evening. In my view, anyone who criticises him for it is narrow minded and petty. I cannot see any connection between what is happening in Iraq and the Prime Minister being prepared to help raise funds for a wonderful charity.

Oh, and I disagree that one’s view is likely to be shaped by one’s political leanings – well, unless one is the sort of person who always votes for the same party and can see no good in the others, whatever they may do. I’m sure that you wouldn’t blindly vote for the same party at every election would you Trevor? Ah, I forgot, you are a mate of Tony Benn!

I suspect that I will not be voting the same way as you at the next election Trevor, but that doesn’t stop me admiring Tony Blair as a consummate communicator – I think that Friday’s performance was a wonderful example of that. Well done to Tony B and all the other celebrities who put their reputations on the line to help Comic Relief.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David – I’m glad the audio Blog sound quality is better thank you for that.

I agree about the narrow minded pettiness of some people – but there will always be those who think people like Tony Blair should not wear their heart on their sleeve and be seen as a real person.

I love it when people, in TB’s position become ‘real’

We didn’t watch the whole show but I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of the evening.

As regards blindly voting for the same party at each election ….errr ….errr errrr… can I pass on that one? :- )

I am so pleased to hear what you say about Tony Blair – I often think I am in a huge minority when I compliment him on his sincerity.

I agree about Comic Relief – I think it was Lenny Henry who started this many year ago and what a fabulous success it has been since those early days.

Thanks again David - have a good week

Dan said...

Great post - those of us on this side of the Atlantic haven't heard much (anything?) about Mr. Blair's appearance, but it sounds like it was pretty cool.

I'm a big fan of any politician who manages to maintain and display humanity, humility and a sense of humor. I've been impressed with Mr. Blair for many years now, and would love to have seen his performance!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dan

Mr Blair is very unpopular this side of the pond with some but I admire him greatly and always have done.

If you want a short clip of the comedy sketch go to this link from the BBC