Friday, March 30, 2007

Pretentious leaders please read ...then again ...then again.

I love this extract from the book I have just started reading ‘Why should anyone be led by you?’ by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones.

This is the extract (Page 43):

........ Authentic leaders are not imitations. To remain real in their relationships with followers, they also take constant reality checks. As Roche Pharmaceuticals CEO Bill Burns told us, “You have to keep your feet on the ground when others want to put you on a pedestal. After a while on a pedestal, you stop hearing the truth. It’s filtered by the henchmen, and they read you so well, they know what you want to hear. You end up as the queen bee in the hive, with no relationship with the worker bees. My wife and secretary are fully empowered if they ever see me getting a bit uppity to give me a thumping great hit over the head!’ .....................

6 comments: said...

Congratulations im only 28 but i hope soon be another one...
i identify your story with the "atraction law"
sorry for my bad english :)

but probably if i write in portuguese you dont understund nothing :)

see you

Mike Gardner said...

Trevor, the author's quote implies he somehow empowered his wife and was the leader in that relationship. Excuse me? Since when has THAT ever happened? You can bet his wife never read the book (or if she did, she immediately gave him one of those head-thumpings).

Annie--am I right or am I right?

Have a good weekend, both of you. Spring is trying hard to spring here in Michigan.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rui and thanks for your comment.

Mike - best wishes to both you and Keiko ..... has she hit you on the head lately??? :-) - Take care!

Annie said...

Hello Mike,
I don't think 'empowered' was the right word in that context. I would have worded it, "if my wife and secretary ever see me getting a bit uppitty, they have permission to hit me over the head" Mind you, I'm not sure that would stand up in court at a murder/attempted murder trial.

Yes you are right Mike, but don't get too uppity about that or you may be in danger of a severe headache.

Have a good weekend.


David Wike said...

As you can imagine Trevor, I’m in high spirits as a result of Liverpool beating Arsenal 4-1. However, all this knocking people over the head seems like a little too much fun in the office! If the men at the top want to avoid just hearing filtered information, the best antidote is to take a walk out onto the shop floor and talk to the front line. In my experience, those at the ‘doing end’ are far freer with their views than those who have attained management level.

I trust that your lads can pick up three points against Blackburn this afternoon, but don’t get a headache as a result of liquid celebration!

PS – I have just checked the latest score – I hope that Blackburn’s one goal lead is only a temporary setback, otherwise the headache might be from drowning your sorrows!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David - 5.15 pm Saturday - never under-estimate Sir Alex!!! - that could be the result that clinches the title!! - I am well pleased and congrats on Liverpool result too - we can afford to be charitable to Scousers today of all days my friend :-)