Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm not happy today!

I've spent many years working in communications.

I was always taught the importance of good communication; how one needs to have empathy when listening; how one should give encouragement to someone who may be in a stressful situation; how one should be supportive.

Today I had an unfortunate experience where none of those qualities were displayed by a person in a very important position and in my opinion should know better.

The person is in a very significant position of influence and I was very much on the receiving end of their appalling communication skills.

I have been thinking about it and have decided that the problem is theirs and not mine. I have summed up that person’s attitude and skills as follows:

Their arrogance is only exceeded by their ignorance.

I am afraid I cannot name names or positions but suffice to say I am not a happy bunny today! If ever I treat anyone like that permission is herby given to shoot me - please!!!

Nevertheless …. The sun is shining brightly – I am in love with Annie - the most precious and beautiful wife any man could ever be blessed to have as a life partner.

And therefore …. Idiots like the person I mention earlier do not really deserve me wasting my precious time typing words - but hey – it helped to get that off my chest!!

Sorry to moan - Have a great weekend


Felix Gerena said...

The world is full of idiots, so after discharging your anger, just try to hang around with nice people.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Amigo Felix!

You are right of course and luckily I don't meet too many real 'idiots' in my life. Your advice is very helpful. I have reflected since yesterday about the situation and my anger has gone. I now feel, in a way, sorry for the person who obviously has never had a relationship with God to understand how we should treat other human beings with respect.
I was just re-reading part of the Beatitudes - 'Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth.' - seems appropriate domehow.

David Llewellyn said...

Just imagine that belly button fluff!

Ill be up to my ears in it tomorrow

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks David - not a pretty sight I'm afraid!!

Dmitry Linkov said...

Unfortunately, people sometimes act really in idiotic manner. We need just not to worry about it. Finally our nerves are much more expensive ;).
Good luck Trevor, everything will be superb!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Dmitry - I am over it now. Maybe one day in my old age I will learn not to be so sensitive - it is a problem I have had all my life :-)

Marilyn said...

Trevor, on the contrary, being sensitive is a true asset. In modern life we tend to honor the cynical. We become so used to poor communication and bad service that this then becomes the norm.
No matter what their station in life courtesy, practiced by people we meet, is never out of fashion. I daresay it is the reason many couples stay together for long periods. In fact, I heard a tape where Earl Nightingale said just that.
After the anger fades what can remain is the insight into the person's communication style, and the learning. I use that as fodder for my speech coaching.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Marilyn - once I have reflected and the anger has gone I draw far more rational and sensible conclusions about such interactions and I'm then able to move forward having learned.

I simply fail to understand why anyone would want to speak to another human being in the way they sometimes do. It must be to do with power methinks but hey - it’s all over now and I have definitely learned from the experience.

Michael from UK said...

Hi Trevor,

I see this was a whle ago now, but it can be frightening how incidents like this can so completely consume the person on the receving end.
A while back I heard the psychologist/therapist Dorothy Rowe on the radio. In a bracing response to a question she said that daily experience demonstrated that orgnaisations are led by mediocrites and fools, so we should stop being surpried, and most of all never succumb to thinking that it is somehow "our fault".
I wish I had noted the exact quote.
No doubt we'll talk again soon over at Tom P's place.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Michael – good to hear from you and glad you found Simplicity Blog – tell your friends!

Yes it was a while ago and I was over it pretty quickly as it happens although there is always a niggle at the back of my mind about the unfairness and arrogance of people like that. The main thing is I have learned through the process – like all such events. I would never wish to be regarded in the same way as I regard that person and that is my motivation to make sure I never bad mouth people or talk down to anyone. Life is too short and no one deserves to be made to feel hurt. Sensitivity is relative – people hurt in varying degrees and good communicators will never make assumptions about others feelings.