Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simplicity Blog is back ...

I’m thinking of blogging again.

I’m hoping to write stuff around Simplicity based on real people I meet, talk to and work with. I was struck by a comment from my good friend Carlos Pereira da Cruz in Portugal who suggested I might like to make my blog more real rather than theoretical.

This is how Carlos put it:
“I wonder if you should re-open your blog but with a condition, you will only write and speak of people and cases that are an example. Not silly pink dreams but the result of the honest work of anonymous people. You could invite others to write their own stories on your blog. After, you can present your own ideas and how they relate to the case.”

So here goes as a starter.

Let me ask readers of Simplicity blog to let me have your story of simplicity in action. I know there are thousands out there who see simplicity in action every day performed by those anonymous people who seek no fame and just see simplicity as the right way to do things.

Send me an email if you have a short Simplicity story I can share on my Blog and comment on.

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